Discovering The Benefits Of Rolfing California

Rolfing is a lesser known healing art than acupuncture, chiropractics, massage, Reiki and others. Rolfing California practitioners and others are known for using deeper and more aggressive pressure. The process which many term Structural Integration works to release tension and reshape the fascia which is extremely thin tissue made up of threads which run in opposite overlaid patterns beneath the skin.

As the process works to reshape and transform these thin layers of threads into new patterns, it is more akin to chiropractics than massage. Although where chiropractors use pressure to reshape and restructure the skeleton aspects of different areas of the body, practitioners and others in the field use aggressive pressure to transform these deepest layers of skin tissue.

Massage provides a great deal of healing and relaxation; Rolfing on the other hand requires more intense pressure because it works to reshape and restructure this thin tissue. When receiving a treatment, practitioners often put the full force of body pressure so as to massage and manipulate each thin thread of skin tissue.

The recipe is split over ten sessions as the manipulation of these thin threads can also cause a great deal of soreness. As the threads run in different cross patterns, it is important to give each thread time to heal. Like with chiropractics, it is best to divide bodily manipulation into multiple sessions.

Like with recipes for food and drink, there are instances where no matter how much a practitioner tries, the recipe is just not successful. It is for this reason that some believe there is no proof Rolfing has seen success in treating or controlling various health conditions. For those who have experienced the benefits, there is no denying that the practice has helped alleviate, and in some cases, cure symptoms.

The three phase program for those without experience includes work with anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Structural integration, application theory and ethics are also an important part of the training. While tuition is expensive, individuals obtaining certification can often see a return on the investment within a few years time as a certified practitioner.

Those who work with practitioners for a full recipe often have great things to say about this healing art. As with all practices, individuals always need check with a primary care provider or holistic practitioner to determine which practices may work best for current needs. Most holistic practitioners and traditional medical staff support the practice as an add-on, if not primary medical care for a number of conditions.

Individuals who have early childhood or other emotional trauma which has been dormant due to therapy or other work, need consider this aspect. While it can be extremely difficult, the practice can help release any negative energy still related to such trauma but it might take a great deal of patience and work to overcome the emotional release of such energy. A number of individuals whom have completed the recipe say the greatest benefit is that the process healed body, mind and Spirit while also promoting a freer and less stressful life in the future.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    It’s nice that you pointed out how rolfing practitioners and others are known for using deeper and more aggressive pressure. It seems my older brother is quite troubled with the state of his body right now and he is looking for some treatments for it. Rolfing might be what he is looking for, so he should probably try it out sometime.

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