How to Handle with Stress

To be stressed is the lack of peace. Peace is just a condition of psychological calm and tranquillity, with no anxiety. Peace is our assurance that in the middle of awfully tough times, all is well. It seems today, that stress versus peace is more the order of the day. As witnessed in our day to day lives and not only in our personal life but also by those who live around us.

We are living in a world that’s rife with anxiety and stress. In America alone according to the MIDC, the number of Northern Americans who experience tension and panic fits are over one million each and every month. And the numbers are growing.

What is happening? Life is stressful and every day is becoming rather more nerve-wrangling. Think about the world economy and the quantity of folks who are searching for work. Many families are in trouble husband and wives are ignoring their marriage vows. For many their lives are devoid of peace and it is taking the toll on them and their families.

Simply learning to address the stress in our lives seems to be utterly inadequate. Still, we continue to attempt to calm our hearts. Giving up for many of us, sadly not for everybody, is not a choice we are willing to consider.

There are answers, ones that many ignore, which should lead us to a life of peace. What is that answer? It is God’s Word. It contains within its pages God’s guarantee to all of us and lots of His promise deals with living a life of joy, peace and profusion.

God’s Word, the Bible, shows us how to get peace in our lives. Peace is not secured by using the many systems we have crafted, it isn’t by the often prescribed drugs or the thousands of self guidance books that are broadcast. It is our relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit which will lead us to a life of peace, God is simply the how to handle anxiety answer in our lives. Your Heavenly Father loves you and you are His loved child. He guarantee through His Word to make provision for you, He sent His Son to die for you and He sent the Holy Spirit to live in you. There is little He hasn’t provided for you to live an abundant life, one lacking in stresses and anxiety.

When you start to take Him at his word, to provide for you, to take care of you and to guard you, you will start to experience the peace He promised.

Burton Rager author of “Living Life Set Free” and “God’s Answer?” Click to learn how to deal with stress and receive a complimentary copy of “God’s Answer?” Also Dealing with Anxiety

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