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We are living in a world of words and as Manly Hall, the Canadian-born author and mystic said, “Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.” Due to the fact that this is so true, I have devised a quiz, so that you can test yourself to see whether you are aware of the profound effects that positive words, or negative words have.We often say words thoughtlessly but also, many times, we do not really mean what we say. In sense, we live in a semantic universe. Have you ever heard a father say that his child is dead lazy, or have you heard someone say, “I wanted to die, when..”perhaps he ran into a colleague that you were trying to avoid? Is that really what that person really meant, that is, that he wanted to die? Of course not, so you can see how vital the choice of positive words are.

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What can I say–I wasn’t quite awake when I had these thoughts.When I examined the basis of these negative thoughts I discovered I felt controlled by the company linking my participation in taking the health assessment to lowering my health insurance premiums. For someone who values self-rule and freedom above all else, feeling controlled isn’t a good thing.But never mind that. The point is at that moment in time I was viewing my world as a negative place with people out to do me harm–and that simply won’t do.Granted, not everyone out there has our best interests at heart. Some people DO have wicked intentions. When you decide to view the world as a friendly place you don’t throw common sense out the window. The old ‘trust, but verify’ still applies.

We are showered every day by negative words. Turning on the television at news time gives us mostly a negative outpouring of words. Added to this, we have talk shows where people are always arguing and discussing negative events. Then a neighbour will pop in for a drink and tell you about the latest operation she had and once again, you are listening to negative words. You must discipline yourself to eliminate these negative words as much as possible.

God created us to be like Him. He made us to be speaking creatures with the ability to cause change through the power of our words. Everyone lives under the power and influence of words. Words really control everything in this realm and in the Eternal Realm.The manner of life that you are living, positive or negative, has been brought about by words spoken to you and over you, or that you spoke over yourself, words that were thought upon and accepted. These words formed an inner image on the inside of you. By inner image, I mean the way that you view yourself and life in general on the inside, in your heart and mind.Please understand, you speak and live out what is in you in abundance.The condition of your heart and mind determines what you think, how you speak and how you live and treat yourself and other people.Proverbs 4:23 (King James Version of the Bible),”Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”The word, keep, means to guard. And the word issues, means, out-flowing. So this verse of Scripture is telling us, to guard what we allow to get into our hearts, for we will live it out. Why is this so? Because words paint pictures. They paint pictures inside of us, in the subconscious area of our souls. And from these inner pictures, we live our lives.

If everyone in my world is out to help me achieve my greatest desires then:A free health assessment provides me an opportunity to focus my attention on what I’m doing right and what I still need to improve to achieve my own stated health goals.Everyone who posts a job I’m interested in writes the position with me in mind.People interviewing me for a job want me to stand out as a candidate. They’re secretly rooting for me.If I am laid off, the universe is making way for a better situation for me. I am now free to invite creativity and challenging work into my life.Where ever I go I meet people who are looking to be my friend, my partner or employer.

Seek Help from a Trustworthy Person,If you have difficulty transitioning from experiencing the world as hostile to friendly, seek the assistance of a person in your life you and others know to be trustworthy and ethical. Sometimes it helps to practice seeing the world through another set of eyes–ones you can easily trust and safely learn from.’Before complaining you are a slave to another, be sure you are not a slave to self. Look within–You will find there– perchance– slavish thoughts, slavish desires, and in your daily life and conduct slavish habits. Conquer these; cease to be a slave to self, and no man will have the power to enslave you.’ James Allen,Need Help Seeing the World as a Friendly Place? The words of our mouths play a vital role in our lives. We succeed or we fail based upon what we continually say. While many people do not see the correlation between our words and the literal events and affairs of our lives, it is a proven fact that we experiencing the sum total of what we have been saying constantly.

I will never forget reading at the start of my self-improvement journey that Louise Hay, the inspired woman who began the positive thinking movement, was on a trip to Australia. The organizer of her tour suggested an organizational shortcut. He said “We can kill two birds with one stone.” The great lady, turned to him shocked and said, ” Why on earth would you want to kill a bird with a stone?” She was so conscious of words that were spoken and the power of them and insisted always on the discipline of saying positive words.

He has hidden these destructive seeds in things that we think are okay, when in reality, they are painting some very hurtful and ungodly pictures right in the heart of our imaginations.These destructive thoughts are coming in the form of words and images, through the television programs and music that we watch and listen to which dishonors God and His Word.Think about the amount of violence, murders, foul language, illicit sex, witchcraft, gambling, adultery and drugs that are in the music and the television programs that our young people are watching and listening to constantly.Oh there is nothing wrong with this music, they say.Yes something is wrong with it.It has painted and is painting some very negative and destructive thought patterns in people’s minds and they are acting them out big time.Everybody lives out what is in their hearts and minds in abundance, positive or negative.

Well, if satan can use negative and destructive words to paint negative and destructive pictures in the heart of people, so that they can live them out and destroy themselves and others, doesn’t it stand to reason that if God Almighty can get His positive and powerful thoughts on the canvas of our imaginations, He can change our lives and give us a great self image that will produce joy, inner peace and victory in our lives.If the enemy can use words of lust, perversion and violence to form the inner image of mankind, resulting in people becoming in their experience what they think, how much more will the Word of God develop a god-like character of wholeness, purity and productivity in our lives through the process of meditation.

After having read this text you should be able to evaluate how conscious you are of your choice of words. Positive Words are the backbone of a successful life. The more you integrate them into your day to day living, the more you will have success in every area of your life.

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