Discover A Simple Way Of Self Realization Actualization

There are some things that usually prevent people from self realization actualization. These are things that folks must know for realization to be achievable. The things that almost everybody does daily are the ones that push us away from unlocking this potential.

People normally identify with thoughts which come to their heads. This identity sometimes sows the seeds of problems. People sometimes identify very strongly with these ideas to the point that the ideas really define them. Such deep internalization of ideas makes a person to concentrate on the outcome more than anything else. They begin asking themselves questions such as will the outcome hurt them, will they make them look better, or will they actually build them and so on. The focus of attention surrounds the individual as opposed to the greater good. This builds fear, worry arrogance as well as ignorance. What results is stress and prevents one from becoming enlightened.

Even when folks are seeking to attain the self-realization, they tend to approach it with a view of soothing their egos. This happens time and again, even in the light that this is the root problem. A great number of times, folks actually end up associating or identifying it to spiritual beliefs. It does not really matter whether one ends up associating it with spirituality. As long as people get into this mindset they will always find themselves in conflict with everyone around them whether they view the whole process as a spiritual one or not.

Dropping the sense of separate and special existence is one of the ways one can actualize self realization. This sense can almost be regarded as individualism. Letting go of this sense broadens your vision past your ego. However, for this to happen, folks have rid their minds off all thoughts, reorganize them, and finally broaden their vision past the thoughts they have. Following these steps will increase your awareness to the surroundings you are in, and broaden your view of things.

The new form of thinking one develops once he or she follows the steps successfully is not rigid. It also lacks boundaries and limitations. More so, it gives a person a better view and awareness about themselves. You get to understand your surroundings much better. This brings about peace within oneself which is the first step in actualizing self realization.

The next step is usually building on the newly gained consciousness. Focus your thoughts and attention in realizing that you are actually conscious. Going forwards, approach life from this conscious perspective. Make efforts to enjoy every moment and the entire experience that you get.

Doing so empowers the true you. Progressive and consistent attention on the consciousness will get you home. You begin breaking enslaving self-centered thoughts. Breaking this chain is not as easy as it sounds on paper, it requires much effort.

It is as clear as day that self realization actualization enables better performance as well as satisfaction for effort made. Realizing oneness within yourself makes it simple to radiate that energy to others. You truly become a blessing to humanity.

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