Director’s fee or assume a company in Cyprus

As Benjamin Franklin as soon as said, “Only two things are usually certain: death and taxes”. Whether we like it or don t you have to pay taxes. But being an entrepreneur and we’re condemned to 19% of tribute to State?

If we trace the ranking from the largest listed companies in our country, no problem we can find some holding structures, which is favored by Cyprus as a place to conduct your online business. cheap home insurance This picturesque island besides the pleasant weather has several advantages appreciated by a growing number of entrepreneurs:

– Low taxation – statutory tax rate income tax is 10% is the lowest in the european union and one of the cheapest in jurisdictions not contained in offshore jurisdictions on the globe;
– Very friendly Talk about Administration of foreign investors – no worries, we come in modne fryzury Enhance;
– No capital results tax;

– Low fees with the establishment of the smily play firm – the annual jogging costs are within 3000 – 4000 ;
– The company was founded in Cyprus would be the statutes of the european union. Poland and Cyprus have signed an interesting treatise on the deterrence of double taxation. The agreement contains any so-called. clauses “tax sparing” permitting a credit against duty due in Poland, the amount of tax that is not paid abroad. This gives a real opportunity to reduce the taxation of dividends paid by the Cypriot company, the shareholder of Polish around 9 percent. Meanwhile, the payment of the actual Polish company is covered by the rate of 21 percent.

If you want to be able to legally “wytransferować” with Cyprus signifies not paying any tax while doing so we can do this by employing Director’s fee. Being the manager of Cypriot company you can pay for itself as Polish means wages, which in Poland are entirely excluded on the basis of an agreement on deterrence of double taxation. The only limitation in the “director’s fee” is the maximum amount of 100 000 that is transferred at one occasion. Of course, nobody forbids to the Board was constructed from 10 persons… which allows you to boost our tax-free amount tenfold.

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