Digital Keyboards: Reproduce Rich, Buttery Acoustic Piano Tones

Commitment to training, talent and a top notch instrument makes a great pianist. Even the greatest piano virtuoso will find it difficult to reproduce his award winning pieces on a piano that is below par to begin with.

Some do not pursue a piano training simply because they think that pianos are expensive. If you are just starting to learn how to play the piano, you can get one that is reasonably priced, like a digital keyboard.

Digital keyboards have five general types. First of which are digital pianos, which are good for those who are still starting out, because they are simple and easy to use. Intermediate users will find arrangers more adapted to their skill level, and they can use the automatic accompaniment to simulate playing with a band. Stage pianos, as the term implies are made for those who intend to use it for onstage performances. While not as feature rich as an arranger, the sound it generates is much bolder. Workstations and synthesizers on the other hand are for more advanced piano players. These types allow you sequence, record, edit music as well as manipulate waveforms. Because they are the most feature-rich of the bunch they also command the heftiest price tag.

There are several digital piano manufacturers out there, but Casio pianos are one of the most sought-after primarily because they are feature-rich yet inexpensive. Their intuitive step-up learning systems make them popular choices among novices. Casio also incorporated a music challenge feature to most of their beginner keyboards to provide a fun learning experience. High-end Casio pianos also have tri-sensor scaled hammer-action and ivory touch keyboards which gives its users almost the same audible and aesthetic delight of a concert piano.

For beginners, getting the CTK-2100 is a wise decision. It is a good buy at $170 because you already get a 61-key unit which already feature-rich. The step-up learning program installed in every CTK-2100, assists tutees with fingering and notes. It also has the AHL audio technology which reproduces the rich buttery tones of a real grand piano.

Feature-rich and inexpensive, the CTK-2100 is indeed a great buy for both beginners and intermediate piano players. Click here for more information on Casio pianos .

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