Digging into the Causes for Hair Loss among Women and men

Women love their hair so much and they are willing to do everything to make it look better. Hence, they fear of getting grey hair and would start to worry at the first signs of graying. It is even worse if they start losing hair.The issue of losing hair can tore a woman’s self-confidence. However, one cannot be released from this problem particularly if it runs in the family. It is a common thing to see men getting bald but seeing bald women may still be perplexing for some. The loss of a woman’s hair can be caused by the following:

Anxiety and stress is not only the cause of most diseases, as it can also trigger hair loss. Chemicals are given off by our bodies when we are stressed and these gushed in our blood stream. The surge of chemicals in our blood stream greatly affects our hair follicles for they are very sensitive to our bodily processes. Once this happens, our hair starts to fall and can lead to hair loss. Nevertheless, hair can grow again the moment we were able to govern anxiety and stress.All women experience hormonal changes, which starts from puberty up to the menopausal phase. Changes in a woman’s hormones are triggered by pregnancy, miscarriage and childbirth. Hormonal changes likewise play an important role on women’s hair loss. Any lingering diseases or major operations also contribute to loss of hair. Medications that are prescribed after the operation and in the treatment of any lingering illnesses can also affect hair growth. Some stimulate falling or thinning hair. Cancer patients who have had chemotherapy lose their hair during the treatment because of the medications. Those who have heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and who experiences depression are likewise candidates for hair loss. Major operations and lingering diseases deplete the energy reserves of our body and affect hair growth as well as the texture of our skin.

Hair loss is also genetic. If any of the female sex in your family experienced androgenic alopecia, then you are a likely candidate of hair loss. Baldness among women, though, is a slow process compared to men. The thinning of hair in women starts on top of the scalp which slowly extends.*Lack of nourishment is another factor to losing hair. Hair is made up of keratin protein and if the food that we eat lacks this macronutrient, it will follow that our skin becomes dry and our hair will thin out resulting to baldness.

Undernourishment is another cause of hair loss among women. Our hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. The lack of protein in our food can lead to its damage as well as to its loss. It is because the protein will be preserved by our bodies leaving nothing for the hair. Hence, our hair suffers and will eventually fall. If you noticed that your hair is starting to thin out, go to a doctor or a trichologist to treat this issue. Early diagnosis of hair problems will give you the chance of recovering the health of your hair. Wearing a wig is one of the most traditional ways of covering baldness. There is also the medication program where you will be prescribed to apply a hair lotion on your scalp. Another alternative is to have a hair transplant.

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