Different Weight Gain Hypotheses That Can Leave You Extremely Confused

Top scientists believe that weight gain is being caused by many things, there is no single enemy here. Therefore, your struggles with body fat is most likely caused by a variety of negative variables.

And in an attempt to figure out the fat factors, many academicians have tried to come up with solid hypothesis. Now these ideas aren’t the end all be all, yet they can shed some light on how to begin the battle against fatness.

So without further delay, here are some theories on what’s causing your fatness:

1. LPL. Also known as lipoprotein lipase, LPL is responsible for storing fat in your fat cells. Proponents of this theory postulate that people with excess body fat have a higher amount of LPL. And that those with lower levels of body fat have lower levels of LPL.

2. The quantity of fat cells. It’s not just size that matters here, it’s also about quantity. The more fat cells you have, the more likely you are to gain weight quickly. When do fat cells replicate the most? When you are young.

3. The idea of a set-point. Proponents of this theory believe that your body tries very hard to maintain a certain weight and any effort on your part to change it results in very specific metabolic compensation. So the harder you try to restrict calories, the harder your body tries to slow down your metabolism.

4. More fat burning fat. Not all fat is greedy. In fact, brown fat actively seeks out body fat to be burned as heat. And this theory claims that people who are leaner have more brown fat while people who are fatter have less.

5. Thermic effect of food. Right after you eat, your body burns a little extra calories because of the thermic effect of food. This theory claims that lean people burn more right after eating in comparison to overweight people.

Now despite all these possible theories of fat gain, it won’t do you any good to get bogged down. Don’t think that any one theory is the end all be all to your fat loss efforts. In reality, lifestyle choices account for the majority of weight gain.

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