Different Ways Of Removing Hair

More people are becoming sensitive about the amount of body hair they have and often turn to hair removal techniques to rid themselves of what they see as excess body hair. For men, those areas are often the back and buttocks. For women, those areas are basically most places except their heads, so hair removal can be a more laborious task for them.

There are three categories of women in terms of their hair-growth: The first group are the few women who because of their genes have little body hair. Then there are others for whom hairy legs and armpits are an unsightly inconvenience that we would rather do without. Lastly there are a number of women who, through genes or bad luck, have excessive hair growth on their bodies and who have to spend considerable amounts of time and sometimes money to become silky-smooth although they do have plenty of hair on their heads as consolation.

Those who belong to the last two should read on to discover the different options available for hair removal. You can pick between permanent and temporary methods, though it should be noted that the degree of permanence offered by some methods are not really permanent in the way that we usually understand the word “permanent”.

Temporary Hair Removal which is also known as ‘depilation’ (where the hair is cut or otherwise removed so that it can’t be seen above the skin), methods include: Shaving/trimming- This method is good for men’s beard nasal hair, women’s legs and armpits. This method is poor because the hair can grow back right away. The use of depilatory creams is another method of removing hair temporarily and its main advantage is that it has a smoother regrowth.Buffing is another method but it is time consuming and can be very abrasive. In tweezing the roots of the hair are removed as well. There are other methods of removing hair temporarily.

In the process of removing hair permamnently or at least for longer period the main thing is to keep in mind that success is based upon the experience and the skill of the person performing the method and that regrowth can happen. Methods include electrolysis, Laser hair removal and the use of medications. Another thing to keep in mind is these are much more serious procedures and that you should not consider them as lightly as having a haircut.

One of the best things that you can do is to carefully check the credentials and reputation of the salon you choose to carry out the procedures, and ensure that you are made aware of all the pros and cons. There are some really excellent London laser hair removal clinics but check with satisfied customers before you choose one. And if you are considering taking medication, be sure to talk through all your options with your doctor first before trying it out.

You need to be very careful especially if you have special conditions like when you are pregnant. You have to inform the person doing the procedure about that so you can be sure that you can stay healthy.

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