Different Metabolic Reactions Due to Weight Loss

Where do the fats go when someone wants to reduce his/her weight? There are different kinds of metabolism activities taking place in the body of us humans which reduces calories, and fats. Different kinds of reactions take place in the human body, but, to understand where fats go when someone reduces their weight. When your body needs some calories and you consumes fewer calories, than it turns to fats for producing energy. The biological term for producing energy to body from fats cell is called “triglycerides”. There are different series and steps are involved in the metabolic process, when triglycerides are broken down into different components such as glycerol and fatty acids, it is absorbed into the liver, muscles and kidneys. These components are further broken down by the chemical reactions in the body which produce energy for the body. As you might know they produce heat when the said reaction takes place. It gives the maximum temperature. These chemical reactions produces waste product such as water and carbon dioxide. The human body excretes water as urine and sweat and carbon dioxide exhaled in the air from lungs through nose. Metabolism means the process by which the human body converts food into energy. When this metabolism reaction is taking place in the human body, different calories, carbohydrates, fats and protein are all combined with oxygen and gives energy to human body. There are number of calories which our body burns every day, which is called energy expenditure. Three factors are involved in the energy expenditure. When our bodies are relaxing or in the process of getting relaxed, there are different organs which are running such as breathing, blood circulating, heart beat and different kind of hormones which needs calories. So producing calories is the basic need of the human body Food processing. There are different kinds of reactions in the human body such as digestion, excretion, respiration and blood circulation, it consumes extra calories. Human body uses extra calories of 10% every day for these reactions. Physical activity. The physical activities such as running, walking or doing some other physical activities, it requires high calories. You must control your calories for these types of activities.

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