Dieting During Summer

The hotter the weather, the smaller our clothing. But swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops can be very unflattering if you’ve been out of shape. So now is the time, with days being longer and temperatures milder, to start working out in earnest.

Summer also means parties, events, and food. How can you keep up with all the craziness and still stick to your careful plan to slim down?

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and still enjoy the party.

Eat something before you go. Eating before you attend an event or party will keep you from indulging in sugary and fatty foods.

Head for the fruits and vegetables. Skip the dip and avoid the potato salad but enjoy the crudits.

Drink lots of fluids. Drink plenty of water or iced to keep you feeling full and to avoid indulging in fatty or sugary foods. You can try bringing a bottle of Carb Crusher lemon-flavoured tea to your next party.

The active ingredient in Carb Crusher is GCA, green unroasted coffee beans that can inhibit the release of sugar into your body and force the fat-burning process to start even when you aren’t eating.

Don’t hang out near the food. Keep you distance so you won’t be tempted to try this and that.

If you must eat, put your food on a smaller plate. Filling a salad or desert plate is better then making a mountain on a dinner plate.

Have a little exercise. Hit the dance floor if there is one. You can burn your dessert off if you dance for 2 hours.

Keep your eyes forward and your mouth moving. Concentrate on the person you’re talking to and don’t eat at the same time to prevent overeating.

Don’t eat more than you want to. If your host gives you a very full plate, just put it down and leave it. Don’t be bullied into cleaning your plate if you don’t want to.

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