Dietary Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Arm Toning

All the experts out here have a different opinion on how to tone arms. It seems as though every guru has found a different approach. Now a lot of said approaches are based on gibberish and are the product of pure marketing.

Unfortunately, even the most well respected experts can give subpar advice. This happens because scientific studies are never clear cut.

The source is research studies. You might think that research is like math, one plus one equals two. Unfortunately, research is almost never clear cut like this. It’s usually open to interpretation from many angles.

So today I plan on clearing up some of the confusion. Here are 4 things to avoid when trying to tone up your arms:

1. Overdoing the fish oil intake. Have more than 3 grams of fish oil a day and you run the risk of developing atherosclerosis. You see, the excess amount of omega-3 fat can oxidize.

2. Not keeping the peanut butter cool. A mold called aspergillus can grow on nuts and legumes if they are kept in warm and humid environments. So make sure you store ALL your nuts and nut butters in the fridge. Although aspergillus poisoning may not be as common as the flu, a single case of it will set your toned arms mission many steps back.

3. Trans fatty acids. Your intake of trans fats should be zero, no exceptions here. The research is clear on this issue-trans fats kill.

4. Staying away from plant sources of saturated fat. Animal fat is what does harm, but plant fat can do a body good. Coconut is a great example of a saturated plant fat that is very healthy for the female body.

There is a lot of information out there on how to tone arms. And even the best of authorities can give the wrong information since science is never clear cut. The facts are never clearly defined in most cases. The key, however, is to keep on moving forward despite all the small details.

Also, make sure you don’t wait to act on this advice. If you wait too long, you will forget what you have learned.

Writer Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former fat arms sufferer, instructs on arm toning exercises that work. Figure out how to get sexy and sculpted arms by exploring her blog with excellent tricep exercises for women now!

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