Diet-Weight Loss and Abs Fast with Amercia’s Top Trainer Victor Costa

America’s Top Fitness Trainer Victor Costa – talks diet and exercise-honoured by the International Sports Sciences Associattion- International Speaker- If you go to the gym-you need his workouts- download Vic’s workouts at

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  1. Peace, Love & Muscles.. U r Good Man Keep up with the good work.. You’re a role model xD Healthy glasses guy ­čśŤ


    Vic I forgot to ask you one more thing, do you recommend your method of training for improving sports.
    Thank you

  3. vicsnatural says:

    For me _ this isn’t slow- it is a good pace. I rest about a minute to 1 and 1/2 minutes between sets.


    Vic how much you rest from each set and also do you always do slow movements in training

  5. vicsnatural says:

    Thank you so much- Peace, Vic

  6. vicsnatural says:

    You are most welcome- Peace- Vic

  7. yennymouse says:

    Thank you for posting these videos. Really helped me a lot with my workout. Much appreciated

  8. Elwood19901 says:

    He is the best trainer in my opinion. His workouts make my muscles burn right after and I see results !

  9. munkimattify says:

    Junk food is junk. That’s what its called.

    Vic is correct. Although your Doc is not incorrect :)) junk food will add weight.

    However if you try rice, chicken, pasta, turkey and potatoes with a combination of nice ingredients….you won’t be eating too much salt.

    Also highly processed food is a poor substitute for fruit, veg and lean meat. Of course if you’re a vegatarian then no problem whey and soy proteins will be fine along with numerous pulses (like beans etc).

  10. piratey2k6 says:

    thanx alot vics

  11. isisbenny404 says:

    I am so impressed with these videos. This guy is the real deal, and is concerned about the well-being of others. The trainers I have used care about the money, and make you feel sick at the end of the workout. I am gonna take this guys advice,because it seems practical.

  12. Airborne4headshot says:

    Your huge 0.o

  13. rjksoccer06 says:

    Finally! A diet/bodybuilding video that uses common sense, knowledge, and personal recommendations! I agree with almost everything he has to say except that being in college I don’t see myself not drinking any alcohol, and also I like to have a cheat DAY where I can break all the rules if I choose once a week as opposed to eating 1 junk food meal/serving twice a week but that’s just my preference.

  14. Dear Vic,

    I consulted my doctor and he said I can take vitamins and they would be excelent for wieght training. Also my doctor said I can eat junk food since my goal is to gain wieght not lose it. Is there a faster way to gain wieght faster and turn it into muscle? Which woekout should I focus on mainly?

  15. cardio cardio cardio

  16. this guy keeps it real

  17. LilGuilty702 says:

    yeah i think so

  18. yarrakassan55 says:

    if i watch you videos i want to train! and i am always thinking damn tommorow i am gonna train and eat better :D:D .Thanks Vic respect

  19. allah12311 says:

    peace love and muscles..

  20. I really enjoy these videos Vic. I really, really appreciate you doing this.


  21. so it is really ok 2 eat a junkie lke a little every now n then??/ bcuz i use 2 be a REALLy fat chubby kid back then n its hard 2 change my eatin habits now

  22. JustinB210 says:

    why diet if u dont have to if anything burning more than you intake through excersize is gonna be alot harder han dieting and doing a bit more cardio because u already havethe calorie defict if you diet down but u have to make the calorie defict through excersize thats alot harder then shaving off some calories because you have to workextra hard to burn those extra calories cutting calories is saving yo from doing extrawork to burn the extra calories

  23. steveoco1 says:

    Don’t look for the easy or quick fix, it takes dedication, diet and cardio

  24. steveoco1 says:


  25. Is swimming counted a cadio exercise???

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