Diet to Lose 5 Kgs in 2 Weeks – The Fastest Diet to Drop 5 Kgs in 2 Weeks!

Today I will reveal to you a diet to lose 5 Kgs in 2 Weeks! Best of all there is no starving, exercise, diet pills or anything dangerous involved. This diet will have you lose 5 Kgs fat in 14 days. Best of all you will not experience a rebound effect as most diets cause. As well you’ll find out exactly what you should avoid low calorie diets in an attempt to lose weight.

Why Not to Do a Low Calorie Diet!

There is a large mis-conception that the only and best way to lose weight is through calorie restriction and this isn’t entirely true. You see going on a low calorie diet that doesn’t have you eating an abundance of fresh raw vegetables, fruits is going to in fact starve your body and do more harm than it’s worth. Many low calorie diets out there will have you believe that you can starve yourself but as long as you eat this one type of fat you’ll be perfectly fine. This is very wrong and can lead to nutritional deficiencies if carried on.

In addition to all of this your body is constantly adapting, so when you suddenly lower your calorie intake by a significant amount what happens next is that your body will compensate by lowering the metabolism. Once this occurs a majority of calories that you consume following the diet will be converted to fat stores as it’s akin to starving in the desert and then suddenly finding food, you want to take in as much as possible.

How to Lose 5 Kgs Quickly & Safely

The diet is known as the calorie shifting diet and its entire focus in not upon starving the body of calories but instead consuming a great variety of calorie types in order to stimulate your metabolism. By following a calorie shifting program you will in fact stimulate your own natural metabolism so that your body will burn calories off as opposed to wasting away. Best of all the pounds will not return as they often do with a low calorie diet since you are positively boosting your metabolism to burn the fat, not starve it off!

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