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If you always follow my blog (Losing Weight), I always write “use the diet diary”. Ok, but what is the diet diary? You need to analyze about the food you eat and the activities you do for losing weight. And to help you analyze it, you need a notebook or diet diary. The function of this diet diary is: – You will know what you have eat and the activities you done in order to lose weight – Help you to analyze what the right food to eat and wrong food to avoid – Help you to analyze what make you eat more than you should – Help you to analyze what the best exercise to burn more calories – etc. Ok, then how to use the diet diary? Check it out: 1. First page, write about your goal. Your ideal weight (use BMI to check your ideal weight), how much you want to lose at this week, month… 2. Second page, “Weight Loss Graph” (we will talk about it later) 2. Then at the next page, write all the food, beverage, and the snack that you eat each day. 3. ?ext page is about the exercise you have done each day. Your target is burn 300 calories each day. 4. Analyze it every night! 5. At the end of the weekend, time to weight. How many pounds you lose or gain? 6. Then move it at the Weight Loss Graph you have made. You will see that if the graph will go down… means you lose pounds. If go up… well, analyze it again, what make you gain weight.

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