Did you know supplement companies make money off of ignorance?


Ignorant desperate overweight people who wanna lose fat
and ignorant desperate scrawny guys who wanna gain muscle.
These are a supplement company’s best friends.

The supplement companies make millions off of these people selling BS pills and concoctions that do do nothing. But they will keep making money off these idiots, cause people really wanna believe that the answer to their dream body is in some bottle. Makes me mad.

Please everyone don’t believe all the BS advertising.

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  1. Yeh, who doesnt know that?!

  2. I bet you will get some of these companies posting advertisements as answers to this question. Probably some of that acai berry shit.

  3. Vegan_Mom says:

    NO! A corporation makes money off of people’s ignorance?! What a shock. Just like all of the other companies that claim their food is healthy or imply it is. Made with whole grains! We’re heart healthy! Yeah. It is made with whole grains, but it’s listed after the white flour, after the corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup and maybe even after some artificial flavorings, but it supposedly provides X amount of whole grain grams. Yeah. Heart healthy. Why does it have several listings of sugar, including corn syrup and HFCS, partially and fully hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and flavors… (I don’t trust anything from Kellogg’s and Quaker, except the oats in the canisters, but I buy the store brand of those.)

    Yet, if more people were smart enough to not only read the lables and know the ingredients and even avoid the stuff, then the companies wouldn’t make as much money.

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