Dermal Abrasion Procedures For The Improvement Of Scarring

Dermal abrasion with fine diamonds is a microdermabrasion technology without loose crystals, a skin peel that removes the surface layer of cells through friction, improving the tone and texture of the skin, and stimulating the body’s natural skin renewal process to replace it with healthy new skin. Diamond dermabrasion technology is ideal for minimizing the visibility of superficial skin pigmentation and surface unevenness, which are commonly found along with scarrings, making it arguably the best treatment for scar removal.

Dermal resurfacing is widely available through several other types of procedures, that can improve the look and feel of the treated skin in a similar way to microdermabrasion. Chemical peels for example, are available with a variety of natural and synthetic acids, that are smeared onto the skin to corrode the surface dermal layer. Laser resurfacing is another technology, that uses very intense light to vaporize the surface skin cells. Every resurfacing technology has differences in the application time, intensity, equipment required, and technician skills, but are all doing essentially the same thing, removing an outer skin layer. When seen side by side with the optional technologies, diamond dermabrasion is unique because it actually applies the abrasion force to the surface of the skin from a horizontal direction. For perspective, laser radiation is discharged onto the skin from above it (90 degree angle), and chemical based peels corrode every cell they contact (without any direction).

The removal of skin cells with lateral force provides benefits that are easily seen in the correction of small pits and scar removal treatments, Reducing skin indentations and protrusions, dermabrasion is passed over the surface with a stiff tool from the side, so the more protruding skin surfaces will resist most, and lower ones will subside from the side force. The result is that the skin areas that stand out most are abraded most, and the lower areas the least. In contrast, acid peels corrode the entire area treated uniformly (as long as it was applied by the esthetician in a consistent depth, intensity, and time), which can make indentations seem somewhat larger because the skin forming a perimeter wall will be corroded back. Laser resurfacing technology burns a very even skin depth in both the high and low perpendicular areas, but less depth in the more inclined surfaces on edges of pits. Understanding the technology differences can help to improve your results in a regime to correct skin texture issues. Another benefit is that surface pigmentation that so commonly is an obstacle of skin damage recovery, is at the same time that the unevenness is treated. The sum of the qualities makes diamond dermabrasion probably the best solution for reducing scar appearance.

Acne prone people also commonly have enlarged pores in the face, which can be problematic with traditional crystal micro dermabrasion. The powdery crystals that remain on the skin can get into pores causing more complications.

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