Dental Implant Costs Are Usually Worth Their Value

There are many factors that may cause tooth loss. They include accidents, diseases, bone deformity and other reasons. Everyone has a distinctive shape of their jaw which is maintained by their dental formula. This makes dental implant costs an expense that most people who have lost their teeth for one reason or another are willing to incur. The process of implanting is long and needs qualified dental surgeons.

One of the advantages of implants is that they do not depend on the other teeth for support. They match the size of a natural denture that they replace. This ensures that the integrity of this bone is maintained and so is the shape. The surgery is a complex painful process that cannot be done while the patient is still conscious.

The common way of replacing the tooth is having titanium blades being placed into the bone. Titanium was chosen because it does not react with human fluids or rot. Once the base is established the top cap can then be attached. Implants date back to ancient history. The ancient Mayan civilization is believed to have been pioneers of this technology. A skull was discovered with three implants on it.

They might resemble natural ones but artificial dentures lack some of their features. Natural ones have dentine and nerves in their pulp cavity which are then covered by the hard material enamel on the outside. Artificial ones have just the hard outer substance that makes them insensitive to pain.

When the original is lost a gap remains. This is where dentists drill holes through the gum to the jaw bone for anchorage of the denture. A self tapping screw is then screwed into this hole and anchors itself in the bone. Having gaps especially in the front incisors makes an ugly facade and it is desirable to have it closed.

Dentists recommend between six and eighteen months for healing is allowed but this depends on the health of the particular patient and how well they heal. Under normal circumstances it would be recommended that the patient consumes protein rich food to aid in faster healing. However since the wound is in the mouth this may not be possible. The solution is to have platelet rich growth factors from other regions of a body taken to the wound area.

The procedure is extremely beneficial for people who have lost all their teeth due to diseases. Those who have lost them due to age may not have the healing power required and temporary removable dentures are more appropriate for them. It is a two stage surgery that requires constant follow up checkups.

The more experienced the dentist is the higher the chances for success will be and the results will be much better. Checkups after the surgery are important so that the doctor ensures that healing progress is good.

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