Dental Concerns When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a period of great physical stress on the body. This stress can have negative results on your teeth and gums. The perfect time to address dental concerns related to pregnancy is before getting pregnant. It is excellent to go into a pregnancy with powerful and healthy teeth and gums as well as no notable dental issues.

This is in part for practical reasons — as your pregnancy progresses, lying on your back in a dentist’s chair for extended periods can become cryptic and is not recommended. Though it is not dangerous to have x-rays when pregnant just as long as your uterus is decently protected, it is far better to have any general dentistry issues resolved before pregnancy to lesson the chance of medically-necessary tooth x-rays.

During months 2 through eight of your pregnancy, you might find that your gums are sensitive, red, or bleed while you brush. It is not uncommon to develop gingivitis while carrying a child. Speak to a Centralia dentist if you happen to notice these symptoms. As there is an oral link to heart problems, particularly with respect to gum disease, it's vital to maintain the healthiness of your gums with frequent cleanings. If you notice tiny growths on your gums that bleed easily, do not be alarmed. These are common while pregnant and can be removed after your little one is born.

Throughout your pregnancy you ought to be careful to brush your gnashers twice every day as well as floss and use mouthwash daily. There are some diet issues which will help maintain your dental health all though your pregnancy.

Avoid nibbling on carb heavy foods. These foods make a contribution to plaque build-up on your teeth, which causes cavities. It is a common myth that pregnancy leeches calcium from your teeth, but that is not accurate. However , you do need to take in additional calcium while you are with child. Choose dairy foods when you need a break, preferably ones that are low in sugar, like cottage cheese or chopped cheddar.

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