Dental Assistant Schools: What Are The Best Schools Available

The subject of this article is dental assistant schools. In America, the dental assistant position is one of the quickest growing fields today Various trends indicate that jobs in this industry are expected to grow 35 to 40 percent by the year of 2018. It is understandable why so many people are choosing to enter this career. Flexibility in job locations, room for advancement, and great benefits are all deciding factors for choosing this path.

For an individual to be certified as a dental assistant, they must first graduate from a institution or college that is accredited. The registration, licensure and certification of an oral assistant all vary from region to region and state to state. It would be wise for any individuals looking to become oral assistants to check with the state they plan to practice in before choosing to enroll in any institutes or colleges.

Also, not all schools that provide dental assistant training are accredited by the ADA (American Dental Association). In order for an individual to be certified as an oral assistant, this is a must. Also, if enrolling in online courses, check to make sure that the parent school is approved by either the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

There are over 200 dental assistant schools that provide training towards certification. The average length for these courses in usually around seven months, however, this length varies on the program. Many institutes and vocational schools offer programs that are four to six months in length, while universities and community colleges offer associates degree programs that average at two years. There are a number of schools that have online programs also. This can be beneficial to individuals that are looking to acquire an education, but who must work full-time jobs.

Most oral assistant courses are normally separated between laboratory procedures and theory-based classes. Many of the different classes a student would be expected to learn at dental assistant schools include:

Terminology, Physiology, and Anatomy Computer Basics Fundamentals of Math First Aid and CPR

Dental Anatomy and Pathology Dentistry Skills and Fundamentals Office Administration Dental Pharmacology

Clinical Dental Procedures Dental Equipment Use and Care

Dental Radiography Dental Materials

Usually, the student must complete an externship. Most externships last around 300 hours or more.

Out of all the dental assistant schools a select few deserve credit. These schools are reputable and well-established in providing education and furthering advancement in careers. The following schools are:

American School of Nursing

Allied College

US Career Institute

Ultimate Medical Academy

Sanford-Brown College

Remington College

Lincoln Technical Institute

Everest College

Though these dental assistant schools are possibly the best, they are not the only colleges and institutions that provide a great education. Each state has plenty of schools that offer great opportunities. All that really matters is finding a school that is right for you.

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