Dense Breast Tissue

A lot of women do not know this but a recent research have indicated that as compared to women with fatty tissues, those with dense breast tissues are much likely to get breast cancer. Fatty tissues appear dark on mammograms while dense breast tissue appear light therefore almost shrouding the tumor. This would indicate that among older women and women with certain genes like BRCA1 and BRCA2 the dense breast tissue pose as a great risk factor. However it has been discovered that the danger that dense breast tissue pose to a woman is mostly never shared between the patients and the doctors.

The presence of more milk gland and duct lining tissues than fatty tissues. However a woman cannot determine the ratio between the fatty tissues and the other glands just by herself. Only a routine mammogram check up would be able to determine the whether that is the case. Since the dense breast tissue hides the tumors in the breast it poses a great danger.

Studies have shown that between women with 75% dense breast tissue and those with less than 10% breast tissue, the earlier is 5 times more likely to get cancer than the latter. Although a woman who has dense breast tissue does not get any threatening results in the first mammogram test, she is 18 times more unlikely to get the same result first year after the check up.

Out of every 8 women in the world according to the American Cancer Society, one gets breast cancer in her lifetime. Hence breast cancer is the second most potent disease next to lung cancer to affect women.

During mammogram a woman should ask her doctor about the density of her breast. Monthly self examination is a necessary exercise for detection of any on the breast. Women who do regular self examination will be able o recognize any difference between normal and abnormal tissues since a tumor is much harder than the breast tissue.

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