Demystifying the Dental Hygienist Salary

If you’re one of those who think that dentistry jobs are low-paying jobs, think again. The dental hygienist salary is considerably high. The recent trend in the job market is that not only are oral hygienist jobs one of the most sought after positions, they are also highly-paid ones provided you have the correct training of the advanced level. A few decades ago, an oral hygienists position was a relatively new profession and did not receive the status and privilege which they are finding today.

The wheels have turned for these professionals, and today, oral hygienists are regarded as an important player in the oral health care field. The demand for oral hygienists continues to rise annually. To keep up with this demand, hygienist training programs are constantly being developed and introduced. According to reports, there are approximately 150,000 oral hygienists in the United States alone. For a profession that’s only been around for a few decades, the number is rather large.

Do not expect the hygienists throughout the country to earn same amount of pay collectively. The nature of the job performed has a lot to do with the dental hygienist salary earned. Also, the salary also depends on whether they work on a part-time or full-time basis. The earnings of a full-time oral hygienist and a part-time oral hygienist differ from each other. Often, people who work part-time work at different places in a single day and are likely to earn more than the full-time hygienists. Some hygienists work on commission basis; which means they get paid according to the commission plans they sell or according to the number of dental cleanings they have handled on a given day. Some dental clinics also pay bonuses to their oral hygienists depending on the money they make in a month. These bonuses are given to hygienists as a way to encourage them to work more.

The dental hygienist salary is about $30 per hour, so an oral hygienist can make an average of $60,000 per year, which is pretty good considering other entry-level medical jobs don’t pay as well hourly. In the last few years, the dental hygienist salary has been steadily climbing, which as caused an influx of hygienists entering the field on a yearly basis. According to job market observers, the upward surge in the income of oral hygienists will continue for many more years.

Previously, a dentist alone used to handle everything from reviewing patient’s case studies to removing sutures. In fact, very few dentists welcomed having oral hygienists in their offices and helping them in carrying out their work. Today, dental hygiene is a specialization, no longer a part of the normal dentistry field. There are special training programs available that were developed to train people in the field of dental hygiene. Although an oral hygienist cannot perform all the procedures that a dentist is entitled to perform, they do enjoy leeway in today’s medical scenarios and do more than holding a mouth mirror to the patient.

Besides the rather high dental hygienist salary, oral hygienists enjoy other perks including sick leave, paid vacations, tuition reimbursement if they choose to pursue higher studies, health insurance, and even other incentives that are typically reserved to medical professionals. Aside from the decent dental hygienist salary, oral hygienists receive benefits such as paid vacations, health insurance, sick leave, tuition reimbursement if they decided to pursue higher or advanced studies in the field, and other incentives that are usually made available to people in the medical field. The benefits offered to hygienists depend on the dentist’s office that hire them. People who work in a single dentist’s office might not receive extra benefits that those employed in larger dentist offices would.

The last 10 years have seen a steady rise in the dental hygienist salary. In surveys, it has been found that the dental hygiene profession is one of those rare professions wherein the recession is hardly felt. Even during tough times, oral hygienists who have completed advanced training are making money, suggesting that a career as an oral hygienist is a reliable one.

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