Dealing with Physical Stress

Bodily tension, believe it or not, is typically the result of stress, either emotionally or mentally. When you experience feelings of pressure and overwhelm, your mind and physique have many avenues to handle it.

You can experience symptoms that are clearly connected to stress like tension in your jaw from mashing your teeth together and irritating sensations in your stomach or the connection can be more vague with flu-like symptoms and muscle pains. This article will show you what you can do to gain some relief from your symptoms.

Shut both eyes. The one good thing about this method of getting rid of stress is that it can be utilized anyplace 24/7. However, do not do it while driving or handling large items. If you start to feel achy and stressed at work, take thirty seconds to stop what you’re doing and just close your eyes. You can move your eyes from side to side with closed eyelids. This will help to slow down your racing thoughts. But, if you see that you have a bad reaction to light, then advise your doctor of your condition.

Pain pills are usually the first thing people use to try and manage pain. You have to take care with this approach. Advil and Tylenol might solve your pain problems quickly but they can be bad for your stomach. This could exacerbate any physical issues your stress may be causing. Stress can cause issues in your stomach lining, leading to the development of ulcers and other problems. Pain killers such as Advil could exacerbate the problem. Caution is advisable. If you’re not sure or the pain gets worse after you take an OTC pain killer, speak to your doctor.

Try to avoid rushing. You might be used to leading a fast paced lifestyle but try to make yourself slow down a little bit. Walk, don’t sprint. Take each step in a staircase instead of bounding up them two at a time. Make sure you go over everything two times so you can relax knowing that your tasks have been done properly. No matter how torturous you find it to take things slower and to check your tasks, you will find that the pain will diminish with time and the stress will be more manageable.

Talk to a family member. Talk to somebody who will listen to you. A majority of the physical pains that we feel are the result of not talking to others and eliminating our stress. Talking through your problems and worries can help your brain process them. This helps to make you feel better. You might want to speak to a pro about your stress too. A professional psychiatrist can help you to determine if there is anything else other than everyday items that are contributing to your stress. He or she can also give you a few professional level tips for coping with stress. Dealing with the experience of stress can happen in many fashions. With the aid of an educated mental health specialist, some people find it possible to deal with their stress when they can keep it localized in their brains and emotions. Still others individual tension becomes obvious in their body, therefore it can be tough to figure out if you the pain they feel is from actually hurting themselves or anxiety. Whatever method you choose to help alleviate stress, make sure you run it past your doctor, just to keep your bases covered.

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