Day 100: My Weight Loss Journey – 3 Years In 3 Minutes

Now It’s Your Turn! Go To: 3 years of pain, shame, sacrifice compressed into 3 minutes. As hard as it is to put my July 2003 picture on display I’m uploading this because I feel it may benefit some people who are on a fat loss journey to see that it is possible to turn your life around. PS Yes, the pink pants were a mistake! They have since been banished from my wardrobe forever. Cheers, Adam Waters Blog – http Book – Eat Clean, Shred Hard, Think BIG! Cheers …

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  1. mzyordanov says:

    he is gangsta 😀

  2. Congratulations! You look gorgeous – you look happy too.

  3. French00Bread says:


  4. Well done mate!

  5. blkchrm77 says:

    3 years? change up your routine..

  6. ClearSkyTMD says:

    Why are you wearing that hat in the house? …

  7. ollecarlsson says:

    great posting…. attraction comes down to one simple thing, the fat under the skin…. i will start with a picture time lapse myself as soon as my studio here is built…. cheers

  8. Woah!!! What a change. You’re HOT!

  9. buffboynick says:

    settle down u dumb cunt, lol

  10. flamingjune72 says:

    MAMI LIKES!!!!!

  11. jjjingle123 says:

    he looks like ty from extreme home makeover

  12. darkmanddk says:

    Hahahah I totally agree 😀
    My first thought was that!

  13. This is fantastic but he still ives in a bedsit. Its also g’day gay.

  14. BiteMe858 says:


  15. he turned himself on so much his penis got all happy

  16. actually, as long as you get one day per week of rest it can go right. you’ll feel it in your body anyways when its time to take a break of training. you can do it 6 days a week with good nutrition and good nights of sleeping. it all depends on how much time you have to train and to eat/rest correctly. but well, you’re right considering that most of the people will overtrain and will not eat in a proper way or will not sleep long enough if they are too willing in the process of getting in shape.

  17. toutuberke says:

    everybody saw your penis, nearly jumping out of your pants! Lol

  18. SexyAlien2 says:

    Well it’s not slim either. What’s important is that he felt unhappy with his body and now he feels good about it. So why arguing over terminology ?

  19. Terminator!

  20. That’s probably half your problem right there, if the calories are too low your body tends to hold onto your Fat, you should calculate your Resting and Basal Metabolic rates, and go from there

  21. cerelilqt says:

    Well, I’m not trying to gain weight right now, just losing.

  22. and 1500 calories per day is way to lo if u are burning 500. if u wanna gain weight= muscles u need more rest and more calories.

  23. well apperantly u are doing it wrong and 6 days a week is to mutch u will get the oppasit result ur muscles need to rest . u should realy try to speak whit somone who know alot off training cant write everything down here

  24. cerelilqt says:

    What exactly was your diet and workout routine? I only managed 2 stone in 2 months with 1500 calories per day and burning 400-500 calories at gym per day 6 days a week.

  25. nice work dude

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