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Dating advice is all over the internet, in magazines, books, newspapers and on TV. There’s even an eight year old who wrote a book filled with great dating advice. (That kid is pretty smart and must be really good with the girls, because while basic, all of his dating advice rings true. If you’ve read the book, however, you’d be forced to admit that the eight-year-old boy does know what he’s talking about and he keeps it simple. The important thing in dating is to do just that and not complicate things.

Leave your past behind you. It’ll only get you bogged down. The first thing any dating-counsellor would advise you is that a fresh start is important for a date to go well. Talking to your date about how your ex mistreated you is definitely not the way forward. Sometimes it isn’t even necessary to talk, and a person who has been hurt once may be over suspicious of any new relationship and this could show in their attitude toward their date.

‘Do as you normally do – just be yourself’ is surely the best dating advice there is. Without dobt, people like to excel, to shine and impress their date, but faking it will only make both you and your date feel uncomfortable.

Tempering your expectations to be neither too high nor too low is also very good dating advice. Expecting too much out of just one date or of the person you are dating, is bound to end up disappointing you (both). Let’s face it, your date is only human and so are you; and first dates are notoriously a bit awkward.

A question that crops up time and time again is: who should pay? The general consensus of opinion in dating advice circles is that the one who invites, pays. But, others argue that it is always better to go 50/50 every time to avoid embarrassment. Furthermore, there is yet another school of dating advise though, that reasons that a man is not a gentleman” if he doesn’t offer to pick up the bill. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to settle for something that you and your date are both comfortable with.

Maybe texting your date before your meeting is also a sound idea as it puts him or her at their ease and allows you to discuss interests or hobbies informally – in a less tense environment than a first date would be. This can help you choose a setting for the date that you would both enjoy.

The most important bit of dating advice though, is to remember that no one date is a deal-breaker. No date is the end, so if one doesn’t work out, why worry, there will be others. And if they doesn’t work, there are plenty of other people to go out with.

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