Dark Chocolate Happens To Be Better Alternative

What is it about chocolate that make it so irresistible? We eat for any reason; as a treat to reward ourselves, to lift us when we are down or in our favourite desserts. It ticks al the boxes, but we also know that we shouldn’t eat the amount that we do, unless it was healthy chocolate of course.

Well you probably didn’t know this but there is, and it still contains the good stuff such as the minerals and antioxidants. It doesn’t however, have all the bad stuff in it.

This is dark chocolate, which is basically chocolate without all the fattening ingredients such as milk solids and cocoa butter and a bucket load of sugar! There is a low fat, bitter chocolate which is even better for you, but there’s one thing that you should know.

This is a very strange fact; our body doesn’t see chocolate as a food. It’s just a carrier to bring all the sugars etc into our body which we them hang on to, dispelling the good stuff like the minerals without getting any benefit from them.

The trick is to eat chocolate with other foods as well, nuts and fruits are perfect. Eating them together ensures that your body treats the chocolate as food and you get all the goodness from it.

The ideal accompaniment to chocolate is fruit rich in vitamin C, as it works to form a nutritional balance to make sure that the iron from the chocolate gets absorbed and not dispelled. What you end up with is probably the tastiest multivitamin supplement you’ll ever have!

When I worked as a chocolatier I regularly consumed dark chocolate with all manner of fruits; in particular berries and nuts. A blood test showed that my levels of vitamins and minerals were perfect and I didn’t gain any weight.

Next time you need your chocolate fix, ignore the fattening and unhealthy milk chocolate and reach for the dark chocolate with the fruit and nuts. No guilt but every bit as delicious.

Stick to the old adage ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ and don’t go crazy and overindulge.

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