Custom-Made Orthotics Vs. Shoe Inserts

Some people are born with high arch or no arch at all, also called flat footed. Custom-made orthotics is an equipment used to correct imbalance or misalignment like high arch and flat footedness in Toronto CA. It is a device prescribed by a podiatrist, doctors specializing on feet. A foot orthotic is used to support and realign foot disparity and poor foot alignments. Among the foot conditions treated using these piece of equipment is the Plantar Fasciitis or flat footedness. Using orthotics can also improve athletic, occupational performance and posture by realigning the foot and reducing the strain on the feet and lower part of the body.

These are purchased from over-the-counter drug store or retail store. It is prescribed by a podiatrist, a specialist when it comes to issues like this. Although some shoe inserts are available commercially, it may cause further injuries if not properly tested. The equipment should match the contours of your feet and should make you feel comfortable wearing. It must help you with your posture and feet problems by reducing the pain, improving your skeletal alignment or helping you improve your feet and lower limbs.

The device matches the contours of your feet because it is customized based on the condition of your feet. It gives comfort and eventually corrects your feet and posture condition. It also help you reduce the pain, improve your skeletal alignment or help you better your lower limbs and feet.

As of today, running becomes a wide hobby for many people, and feet-related injuries are also becoming common. As a result, many commercial companies are manufacturing these piece of equipment without further studies and podiatrists’ prescription. Be vigilant about purchasing these products because they might cause more injuries to your feet.

Podiatrists advise people to use orthotics to correct foot problems, for example plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bursitis, diabetic foot ulcers, and ankle, foot, and heel pain. Buying general shoe inserts might further injure your feet and worsen your condition. Prescriptions are needed based on clinical research and studies. Compatible ones will treat foot problems, reduce pain and improve feet functions. When consulting or purchasing one, bring your shoes so that you can walk and run while wearing them on.

Shoe inserts are widely manufactured while the orthodotic that is tailor made is molded to fit each individual foot, depending on someone’s foot condition or injury. Advertisements might tell you the same effects but as long as it is not prescribed, it is not orthotics.

On the other hand, shoe inserts also have advantages. They can make your feet feel comfortable by providing cushion and support to you arches. But they do not have the chance to assist you rectify your foot problems or treat your long-standing foot conditions.

Consulting a podiatrist is still the best way to determine what type is right for you. The podiatrist will examine the biomechanics of your lower extremities and infer based on your pain complaints from your feet. Your feet’s walking and running condition will also be examined to determine if you need these piece of equipment to treat your feet condition.

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