Cushions For Garden Furniture

People who have garden furniture like to spend as much of the summer sitting in their garden as they can. For these people, the summer months are too short and so they spend every free moment of fine weather enjoying the flowers in their garden and the good weather.

Some people eat in the garden too and it is also widespread practice to read the paper in the morning over a cup of coffee and a book or magazine in the evening with a drink on the patio as well. Depending on the type of furniture that you have, this can be pretty tiring for the backside, so it is a good idea to get a couple cushions to make your life easier.

If you do not have any garden furniture yet, you have the choice of plastic, metal or wood. Plastic garden furniture is cheap to buy, but it does not last long. Plastic will normally only last for two or three years after which time it goes brittle and breaks due to extremes of hot and cold.

Metal furniture looks better than plastic and can be more comfortable to sit on because it frequently has a fabric seat, but it can be a bit rickety and it looks so austere. I think that metal garden furniture should be avoided. Once it starts rusting, it looks awful as well.

There are two types of wood garden furniture: softwood and hardwood. Some softwood chairs, such as the deck chair or beach chair have a pretty comfortable cloth chair, but most softwood and hardwood garden chairs are hard on the backside after a short while. It is for these chairs in particular that you will need cushions.

If you are buying a new garden table and chair set, you might find that it comes with matching cushions otherwise you will have to buy or make your own. This is not difficult, but there are a couple of items to bear in mind.

The cushions are likely to get caught in the rain sometimes, so it is best to have them manufactured from materials that will not rot and will not hold water. The stuffing can be that non-absorbent fibre that you frequently find in cheap cushions. It is ideal for use in the garden. The covers should be removable and washable. Cotton or man-made fibre is all right here, because you can put them through the washing machine.

Waterproof textile is not recommended because if water does get inside, you want it to be able to get out, not get stuck inside where it will turn stale. If you want to dry them in a tumble dryer, be careful about using some man-made materials that might melt. You also do not want to use a cloth that might shrink as you will be washing them frequently. The colours must be permanent for this reason as well.

While we are talking about colours, the colour or patterns of the cushion covers should be fitting for the colours around them. Please, give this a little thought: it makes all the difference between great, average and awful cushion covers, but it is where you can express your personal style.

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