Curriculum Vitae Checklist

Curriculum Vitae Checklist

On average CV’s get around fifteen seconds of consideration. If you want your CV to stand out some careful consideration is therefore required.

On first impression your CV needs to look original and not as though it is based on a template. It needs to be inviting people to read it and contain clear sections and clear white spaces. The design itself needs to look more sophisticated than just a simple type up. You should provide a quick qualifications summary so that it is easier to read. The CV should not be too long but it also shouldn’t be too short.

The Curriculum Vitae needs to visually pleasing and look polished. Take care to make sure the font is suitable for business purposes. You need to include design elements such as bullet points, bolding and underlining in order to make it easier for the reader to scan with their eyes. Be sure to check the finer details like whether the margins are even on all sides. If your CV is longer than one page be sure to place a heading on the second page in order to make it look professional.

Be sure to make a header for each section on the CV. Check that your work history is entered with your most recent job first.

Often people like to put a section for career goals on their CV, only do this if you are certain of the job and role you are applying for as it can be hard to change this if you get an interview and it comes into conversation.

Your accomplishments should be detailed and wherever possible quantified by using percentages, number and other measures of success.

Your CV needs to highlight all of your skills and achievements that match or compliment what the interviewer is looking for, extra information that you think will be beneficial is always worthwhile including.

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