Curing Acne: Getting Familiar with Acne-Like Skin Conditions

Oftentimes acne affects an individual’s life negatively. Many teenagers gets bullied because of breakouts having kids calling them different nasty names, experiencing isolation from a social group, and many more. For adults, it is known to be a major contributing factor for causing depression, anxiety, and other anti-social behaviors.

You might have tried numerous products that can be brought over the counter such as acne gels, creams, lotion, spot treatments, and so on and so forth but nothing worked at all. You might also heeded home remedy treatments and regimens like acne diets or checked acne eBooks but still it is unresolved. For others, they might have been burning hundreds of dollars in attempt to cure their acne with products that promises to do overnight wonder in clearing up their acne, but again just went to waste.

If you’ve tried almost every known remedies and procedures to have a clear skin, but it does little to no effect at all, and worse might have aggravated the condition, it is then highly advisable to seek medical help. There’s a big chance that what you might be having is not acne at all. Doctors and dermatologists will be able to conduct tests and assess what’s really going on and prescribe the right medications for curing acne.

Periorial Dermatitis can be mistaken for acne. It is seen around the mouth area and at times around the nose, and is characterized by patches of red spots that are tender or itchy. The chin area, cheeks, and the upper lips are typically dry, red, and flaky. The surrounding area on the lips on the other hand is pale and dry.

Keratosis Pilaris typically appears on the shoulder area, the back of the arms, front of the thighs, buttocks, and at times on the cheeks. It is characterized by patches of kernel-hard bumps that are red. It does not inflict pain though as compared to real acne. This condition tends to be more severe especially during the cold or winter months.

Favre-Racouchot Syndrome appears as large blackheads and can be found on the upper cheeks and around the eye area. This does not go away on its own and requires to be surgically removed. Another option is to use topical retinoids for treatment. This is caused by the progression of skin damage by the sun that has accumulated over the years. It typically affects individuals who are over 50 years of age.

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