Cure Sciatica Pain With Alternative Methods

There are many people, physicians and patients, who believe the body is capable of naturally healing itself without the use of invasive medical treatments and procedures. Instead, these people prefer to use alternative natural treatments to improve their symptoms, ease their pain and cure their sciatica pain all together.

Some people use vitamin D to improve their back pain. Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when it’s exposed to the sun. Recent studies have shown that many people who were suffering from some form of musculoskeletal disorder were deficient in vitamin D. You can add vitamin D to your diet by taking supplements, or by simply getting more sunlight.

Adding vitamin B12 to your diet will aid in the health of your brain as well as your bones. If B12 is missing from your diet this can lead to pernicious anemia and a decrease in muscle control. The intensity and frequency of acute and chronic back pain can be eased by getting enough B12 in your diet. Your dependency on over-the-counter drugs can be greatly reduced by taking vitamin B12 on a regular basis. Natural sources of vitamin B12 include: milk and milk products, eggs, meat, fish and poultry.

To maintain a healthy muscular and central nervous system, you must be sure that you are getting enough magnesium. Magnesium is an incredibly important trace mineral for the body. There are over three hundred chemical reactions in the human body that would not be possible without magnesium. Increase the amount of magnesium you are getting by adding foods such as: cauliflower, spinach, carrots, broccoli, beets, parsley and blackberries to your diet.

We know that keeping our muscles strong and balanced is important when it comes to easing sciatica pain symptoms, so how about some yoga? Yoga is a great form of exercise for those suffering with sciatica pain. It can be very gentle and relaxing while improving flexibility and strength. There have been many studies that have shown people who suffered with sciatica nerve pain had a reduction in flare-ups after participating in yoga on a regular basis.

You could also try massage therapy as a natural treatment for sciatica pain. Massage therapy is perfect for people who suffer from acute sciatica attacks, and for those who experience chronic bouts of lower back pain. Plus, pregnant women who are having a tough time adjusting to their weight gain will also benefit from gentle, lower back massage.

Eliminating foods that help promote chronic inflammation and adding foods that help reduce inflammation is known as the anti-inflammation diet. This is an easy and natural way for you to start easing your sciatica pain. By eliminating inflammation inducing foods and consuming inflammation reducing foods, you will experience fewer and less intense flare-ups. Foods that help reduce inflammation include: fish, nuts, various types of berries, healthy fats and oils and plenty of fresh clean water.

If you suffer from bouts of acute sciatica attacks, these simple steps may help you to reduce your pain during the attacks. First, as tempting as it may seem, don’t rest in bed all day. It is best to remain active to prevent your muscles from losing flexibility and tightening up. Please be careful not to over strain yourself by lifting heavy items or participating in extreme activities. You may also want to place a cold pack on your back to help reduce inflammation and pain. For most people the application of a cold pack is more affective at relieving pain than taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Although it’s always best to first see your doctor when you experience sciatica pain or symptoms, it is not always necessary to fill your body with chemicals such as pain killers. In addition to lifestyle changes such as exercise, you can turn to natural choices to alleviate sciatica symptoms.

You are welcome to read my story to learn more about inexpensive, non-invasive sciatica remedies you can use in the privacy of your own home.

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