Cure Panic Attacks From Public Speaking

Public speaking can scare most people half to death, but those who suffer from panic attacks could cause extreme worry even days before you are set to speak. The old saying goes that you would rather be dead in the casket than give the eulogy at a funeral. This cracks me up that more people are afraid of public speaking than dieing.

Public speaking could be anything from getting in front of a podium and speaking to a large crowd or it could be giving a presentation at work. There is an increase in the number of students at school who are suffering from just speaking in class.

The fear focuses around having the anxiety attack during the speech. What are people going to think if i go crazy up here? Where is the nearest exit? What happens if I fall over? Will any one help me or just point and laugh?

Public speaking the the number one fear. You are not the only one. Fear and anxious thoughts during a speech can actually be a good thing and in order to have a positive affect we need to build back your confidence.

First you need to understand that anxious feelings before a speech is completely normal. You body is preparing it self and you are not going to fall over and die. You are completely safe. Understand that if you let them these feelings will pass.

The positive feedback loop is the fear of having the next panic attack. This fear fuels future panic attacks and keeps them coming back more often and more intense.

Anxiety attacks are scary and the fear has shattered your confidence. It’s this lack of confidence that causes you to fear the onset of the next panic attack and that allows the anxiety to come back into your life.

Negative thoughts cause your anxious feelings that were once normal to turn into a panic attack. Thoughts like what if they think my speech is dumb or there is no way I can talk in front of this large of a group. The minute you doubt yourself is the same minute that you get the rush of adrenaline and the panic flows in like a wave to crush you.

This new idea of thinking will help remove the self doubt and replace it with confidence. Now that you understand that everyone gets nervous you will be able to let the anxious feelings pass through your body. You will feel more alive and passionate and your speech will have even more energy than before.

Instead of the initial, oh dear not now, attitude. Lets change that to, there you are I have been waiting for you and I am not scared by the feelings you bring with you because I know that I am completely safe here.

Don’t bottle the intense feelings of fear in your stomach. Instead recognize the fear and feelings, embrace the feelings of panic and let them move through your body and out the other side. You will begin to feel the anxiety leave your body and your speech will be a complete success and full of life.

3 easy ways to cure panic attacks that you can do today. Go read Matt’s personal story how he was able to cure panic attacks for good.

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