Cure Asian Glow With Pepcid

Recent evidence has shown that Pepcid AC as well as other antacids may work to reduce the effects of Asian glow. However, controlled studies by professionals are few and far between so the link between Pepcid AC and Asian Glow is still vague. Those who have used antacids to cure their Asian glow have reported mixed results as well. The amount, time period, and effect vary greatly for each individual. Some have said that as little as one normal strength tablet can keep them from flushing for an entire evening, while others may take as many as four at one time, or over the period of several hours. The effect of Pepcid AC on Asian glow is also unclear as some sufferers of the condition have deemed it an official cure, posting in online forums that they have no symptoms whatsoever, and others complain of a disappointing minimal effect.

Antacids can actually be divided into four main categories. There are four drugs in the United States are Zantac (ranitidine), Pepcid (famotidine), Tagamet (cimetidine) and Axid (nizatidine) that are typically used to control gastric acid (acid stomach). Histamine receptors in the stomach (H2 receptors) are responsible for the creation of gastric acid. Overproduction of these acids can cause the condition known as acid stomach. The H2 blockers contained in Pepcid AC and other antacids work by blocking the histamine receptors in acid producing cells in the stomach.

So what effect does this have on Asian glow? Again, there is very little official information out there, but it is believed that H2 blockers can slow down the conversion of ethanol (alcohol) to acetaldehyde (toxin thought to cause Asian glow). In this way, toxins are prevented from building up in the body and thus the symptoms of Asian glow are reduced. However, famotidine, the active drug in Pepcid has shown to increase blood alcohol levels, so some users of Pepcid to cure Asian glow may get drunk quicker. It is debatable whether this is a desirable side effect.

The strongest of the four main types of antacids is Pepcid AC, so most Asian glow sufferers name it as their brand of choice, with Zantac coming in a close second. It has also been suggested that antacids can reduce hangovers, but as expected, this is disputable and difficult to prove outside of a controlled environment.

New discussion forums pop up from time to time with individuals looking to cure Asian glow with Pepcid AC, asking about the long-term effects and dangers involved in over-use of OTC drugs, but the advice offered should be taken with a grain of salt. Many of the users in these forums are young people looking to party, and while their individual experiences can get your a head start in your own “trial and error”, what works for them may not work for you.

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