Cremation Or Funeral Processes And Rituals

There are many different ways to hold a cremation or funeral. These methods are often connected to specific cultural traditions or rituals. While both are ceremonies intended to celebrate and remember someone who has died, the difference between a funeral and a cremation is that the first is a ceremony that usually culminates in the body being buried or placed in a tomb. The second uses very high temperatures to burn the body of the deceased down to chemical compounds.

Cremating a body may in itself be a funeral, or it may be a post-funeral rite. Cremated remains can be buried or kept in an urn, in memory of the deceased. A crematorium is where the procedure usually happens, but various cultures across the world will have different methods. In India and Nepal, cremating happens in open air.

A wake is one of the many parts that a funeral can have. A casket, sometimes called a coffin, containing the body is placed in view of visitors, made up of family and friends. They can come and say their private goodbyes to the deceased in a more intimate setting this way.

During this time, the casket may be open or closed. This depends on a number of factors such as the circumstances surrounding one’s death and the condition of the body thereafter. Most times, also depending on these things, the corpse will be embalmed, although this is not mandatory.

During the wake, the deceased is usually dressed in their best clothes, or reflective of their manner of dress when they were alive. This can include jewelry, which can be removed before the coffin is closed and passed on as keepsakes. Alternatively, jewelry can be buried with the body, but is most often removed when being cremated.

Memorial services can take place in a family home. In some cultures, an entire community may be involved in the service. This is particularly the case if the deceased happens to be an important figure in society. The procession from service to burial location varies from culture to culture.

A cremator is the machine used to ensure that the body is properly disintegrated during a cremation. It can reach temperatures between eight hundred and seventy and nine hundred and eighty degrees Celsius. With the exception of cases such as stillborn twins, it is only possible to cremate one body at a time.

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