Creating Positive Energy

Do negative things keep happening to you, time and time again? Then this emphasizes the truth that you will need to work on creating positive energy. Don’t lose heart. This is achievable. I have a wonderful friend, who is literally a bouncing bean of energy. Luke is somebody who Nature endowed with good looks, But, his positive energy literally magnetizes people when he walks into a room. This fact, fascinated me, so I started to observe him carefully. If something negative happens, it seems that he is up and running in no time. It’s almost annoying sometimes! Notwithstanding the fact that he wears nondescript clothes, people are drawn to him because they can feel his energy. He has a magnetic quality that draws people and also positive circumstances, to him. Not surprisingly, he has been dubbed as Lucky Luke.

Life is Motion.

Luke had (unconsciously perhaps,) realized that our Universe is a mass of vibrating motion. As Life is Motion itself, and everything is moving on a subatomic level. Masses of teeming organisms can be observed if you peer down a microscope. Every atom essentially, is moving, so why do you feel blocked, and feel that creating positive energy is impossible? It is true we have all been there! Circumstances remain stagnant, and the familiar repetitive patterns appear, time and time again, to be dealt with.

Life Moves, But You Are Stuck In Your Thoughts

There is a rationale for this. Life keeps moving, yes, but you keep thinking the same old thoughts. Why? Because you are clinging on to past resentments, or still focused on past negative circumstances. Positive energy has stopped flowing through you. You contemplate on the same old incidents, the time when your boss decided to choose someone else as the head of the department. You stew and stew over how unjust it was and the more you do this, the more you will remain on the vibration of “unfairness.”

A Vibration of Unfairness. Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such a thing as a vibration of unfairness? Most unquestionably, and if you stay on this vibration, you will attract more unfair situations in your life. Your objective should be in creating positive energy, not negative energy. This is not the way to do it! The circumstances will not be exactly the same. The characters in your life, will change. The actors on the stage, will be diverse this time, but the essence of “unfairness” will as surely return to you as day turns to night.

Some Practical Steps to Take in Creating Positive Energy.

If you want things to get different, you will have to start thinking different thoughts. It is as simple as that. Start noticing things that are fair. Truly make a genuine effort to search for them. Magnetize on them. These incidents don’t necessarily have to do with you personally, but search and you will find them. These positive thoughts will then, slowly and surely, start releasing and creating positive energy.

Let me caution you, that this is a process and results will not come overnight. You will have one aim, and that is to search out, find and then, focus on the good things. Your constant focus on positive thing, will draw them to you, and then, positive situations and circumstances will be drawn to you, as they were to Lucky Luke.


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