Creating an Effective Presentation with Powerpoint

At some time you will need to make a presentation, either at college or at work. If so, you should consider using Microsoft Powerpoint to bring your presentation to life. Powerpoint has many features and effects that may at first be intimidating but in the rest of this article we will look at how new and experienced presenters alike can build a professional presentation which will make a powerful impression on their audience.

You’ve done meticulous research, prepared good information and sourced relevant tables and flowcharts. Don’t try to put all of this content into your Powerpoint presentation. Before you start building your presentation, sketch an outline of what you want to communicate to your audience. Then, build the presentation around the main points which you want to make.

Use bullet point lists for each slide to focus on important information. If the presentation is text heavy, it can be difficult for the audience to follow you outline. You should be able to elaborate on the main points in each slide by speaking around the topic for added clarity. Prepare a set of all your notes and hand these out after you have completed the talk. This will be a useful reference for members of your audience later.

When building your presentation it is a good idea to use one of the design templates that come with Powerpoint. This will give your presentation a standard theme with consistent use of colour and fonts. Each design template has pre-packaged design elements. Select one that you think has the best features for your presentation.

Microsoft Powerpoint is in part popular because of the wide range of images, video and audio that can be uploaded and added to a presentation. All sorts of interactive effects such as novel slide transitions, animations and voice-overs are possible. It is important to remember that these should be used sparingly and then only to focus on the main topics of the presentation. You risk losing the thread of your presentation.

Once you’ve put your outline together, decided on a theme and added in graphic and audio elements to enhance your message, you’re almost ready to go. The only thing left to do is for you to practise your entire presentation, checking how much time you need to allocate. It is easy to under or over-estimate the time you will need so rehearse the entire presentation. Rehearse the presentation with a colleague or a friend and ask for constructive feedback.

All the Powerpoint enhancements will not be able to hide the shortcomings in your presentation if you did not do your research and if you do not understand the topic. Powerpoint is just a tool to help you to bring your research to life. If you’ve done all your preparation and research then know that you relax and enjoy using the features.

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