Creatine supplements

Getting stacked with muscle mass is no easy task. Trust me when I tell you this. I have been there before. All the folks out there who are dieting to lose weight think they have it so rough. Ha, try gaining 15 pounds of lean muscle. I’d like to see them do that in a month’s time. It’s funny, but when I originally began, I thought it was all about the lifting. Not true! While pumping free weights is a big part of building mass, diet is imperative as well. Since your goal is to gain, you’ll want to eat healthy and include plenty of protein in your meals. Turn the “three meal a day” routine into six meals a day. Three of which can be protein supplements if you please. Met-RX has some great meal replacement bars and shakes. You basically need to consume more calories than your body can burn. Oh, and did I mention creatine supplements? Hmm, this is a touchy subject.

As most guys already know, weight training is a huge part of a professional athlete’s regimen. They are expected to perform their absolute best and will commonly look for supplements to provide them with an edge. Anabolic steroids were a major one in the past, but they are fading due to legal ramifications and terrible side effects. Now it’s all about the creatine supplements. I read that at least 50 percent of professional athletes use them. Now, I would like to offer you my personal experience with creatine supplements. I purchased a creatine monohydrate powder several months back. I wanted to see if it really added to my weight training. After all, it is a natural substance found in the human body and meat products. It’s NOT a drug. That’s why it’s totally legal. So far there seem to be no serious side effects to creatine supplements. However, I took this powder for ten days in order to test it. In short, I didn’t like it and this is why; I hardly felt the benefits, which may be due to my short experimentation with it; it made me nauseous; and finally, I would get kidney pains. The last one is what really deterred me. You see, creatine supplements demand a LOT of water. If you don’t have enough in your tummy, it will pull water from organs.

So, that is pretty much my take on creatine supplements. I understand what they are and how they work, but no one really knows the long term effects. The supplement has not been around long enough. Personally, I’m not willing to risk organ damage or worse.

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