Create Your Own Workout Program

When you want to get ripped you need to be positive that your exercise program covers all your bases. Check it out against the following ideas and if you want to plan your own body-building routine, these ideas should point you in the right direction..

First, note down all of the muscles you think you need to work. That’s going to be pretty much all the muscles in the body if you are just starting out. Don’t forget to include some bicep workouts. Just because you use your arms when exercising other muscles of the body doesn’t mean your biceps can be ignored.

Next choose an exercise that works each group. This will involve dumbbells, a barbell, or gym machines such as the bench press. Some exercises will work out more than one muscle grouping.

Now you are set to plan your body building routine so that each muscle group is worked around twice a week with one full day of rest between. It’s good to give yourself a couple of days of complete rest from working out, too.

What if nothing seems to be working? First, consider whether you are giving your muscles enough rest. Bodybuilders who don’t get the results that they expect are usually guilty of overtraining. Remember that the muscles are broken down during your workout session. The time they build mass is during the time to recovery.

Second, look at other considerations like your diet. Are you getting the correct amount of protein and carbs at the right times? Have you looked into possible bodybuilding supplements that you might take?

Finally, keep in mind that it is sound practise to modify your routine around from time to time. This counters boredom and very importantly, works the muscles a little differently than what they could be used to. You can frequently find that changing out one ab exercise for another or using a different press at the gym will be the catalyst that you will need to start gaining muscle mass again.

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