Countertop Water Filters Combat Water Main Breaks

In the United States, there are 300,000 water main breaks each year, according to the American Water Works Association. When these breaks happen, they can cause water contamination and local flooding. To prevent the chance that you could experience this in your area, you need a countertop water filter.

Many of the pipes in America are old, with 30 percent between the ages of 40 and 80. Even Washington, DC pipes average at 77 years old. In order to replace old pipes, estimates price the project at $250 billion. The national and local governments don’t just have this kind of money lying around.

Therefore, we are stuck drinking water that is contaminated from old pipes and water main breaks. Or are we? We do have a choice to drink clean water for the rest of our lives. We just need our own personal countertop water filter that can remove all harmful toxins from the water.

We can’t always trust that our government will do what’s best for us, but we can do something to keep our own families safe and healthy. Before deciding on a filter, do your research. Any filter you can buy at a convenience store won’t remove enough contaminants to keep you safe. They are cheap and poor quality. Research a filter to see exactly what it removes before you buy.

The best filters are those who give you a long list of removed toxins, including pathogenic bacteria, viruses, VOCs, lead, mercury, pesticides and much more. Good filters are powerful and dependable. They are easy to assemble and use and they don’t require electricity or water pressure to work.

Whether or not you ever experience a water main break, it is a good idea to have a countertop water filter. Many contaminants are found in tap water that can harm those who drink it. With a good filter, though, you and your family won’t have to experience the consequences of toxic water.

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