Consequences of Marijuana in Panic Disorders Vary by Each User

Have you ever had a panic attack or suffered from anxiety? From my own perspective, dealing with these issues is both stressful and can be extremely detrimental to overall quality of life. Irrationality takes over the thought processes and the only notions crossing the mind are drawn from fear and horror.

And when discussing the relation between cannabis and anxiety, there is much controversy to the extent of influence that comes from the drug in the onset of symptoms. Many users claim that marijuana heightens their anxiety while others allege that it reduces their symptoms into manageable terms. Researchers are just as polarized on the issue.

Exactly why is there this kind of disagreement around the impact of marijuana in anxiety and panic disorders? Examining for patterns in people tested and reported signs and symptoms can certainly help determine what the reason for this particular dispute actually is.

An Alternative Viewpoint

Imagine suddenly you become progressively more conscious of your own heart beat. It starts to pulse ever more quickly, and it also results in being much more apparent with every passing moment in time. Struggling to understand what is going on, how do you really feel and also what would you imagine?

For many individuals, this may be nonchalantly cast aside and thrown away as being an unremarkable occurrence. Other individuals may sharply disagree and feel like it has to be immediately helped by an ER visit as well as a team of top-of-the-line cardiologists.

In the example I just illustrated, the situation is identical for anybody who experiences it, however the thought processes that are all around it will be different to each consumer. This shows a part of the explanation why cannabis demonstrates itself to be such a quandary for those who make an effort to grasp the link between cannabis and anxiety. A lot of discussion is concerning meaning and also point of view particularly when speaking about psychological troubles.

Mental Issues Coming from Cannabis Depends Upon Each Person

As I glossed over earlier, I’m one of those individuals who at times endures intense panic attacks while consuming cannabis. I’m able to think back later about the situation and shrug it off, but in those times it is occurring, it’s really a disheartening experience and I have the most terrible images in my brain. It is exactly the same circumstance in the two cases I examine it, although I view it by using completely different eyes at varied times.

And if someone can easily see a particular incident so distinctly, consider the numerous recollections of innumerable unique individuals. Because people are so different, exactly how somebody looks at the world needs to be considered whenever identifying possible influences of cannabis.

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