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The recession has hit hard and a lot of people have cut down on spending. Simply put, people can no longer afford to spend hundreds of dollars on concert tickets. If you want to go to concerts but can no longer afford to, don’t despair. There are still a few ways for you to still get to see you favorite bands cheaply or even for nothing at all.

You always have something to say about your favorite bands, whether it’s negative or positive. You have an opinion about them and the music they release. Set up a blog where you share your opinions. Remember, you’re not trying to be the next internet sensation; you just want to get to see a concert cheaply.

Most public relations companies are always enthusiastic about the bands they work for. Once you have a site up and running, email the representative and tell them you’re promoting bands and artists. This will get you onto their emailing list and you’ll be kept informed about tours and concert dates. The point of this is that once you know where and when your chosen band is performing, you’ll have a lot more time to get ready and organize your strategy.

Once you get an email about a band you like, respond, asking politely for a pass, and tell them that you would like to write about the group on your website or blog. Remember to be polite to your contact even if you get turned down. Also ask for a plus-one, so you can enjoy the show with a friend. If this does get you free or discounted tickets, remember to write about it, and send a link back to your contact.

Some representatives have promoters working part-time for them. This means that when a band is coming to your town you help with promoting it and in return you score tickets to the show. This can also work as a points system, where for every act of promotion you do you get points which are redeemable as tickets.

Radio stations often have give-aways where they give away passes. Listen to your local station in the days leading up to the show. Usually, give-aways happen in the morning and afternoon shows, so tune in. Have a phone ready, one that has the fastest dial and redial times, as you usually have to call in to get the tickets, and availability is limited.

Don’t be afraid to tell people you know that you are looking for cheap or free passes. If you have contacts in the industry, tell them too. You might have friends that work in jobs were free passes are perks, so make use of them. If you don’t ask you will not know so speak up.

Signing up for newsletters on give-away sites and joining fan-clubs is another way. Once you sign up for the newsletter, you get points for clicking through to the site, which can be exchanged for Toronto Maple Leafs tickets. With fan-clubs there is the added benefit of getting band merchandise for free, if you are a member.

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