Concerning Porcelain Veneers

You will achieve perfect teeth after having your porcelain veneers that is applied by a cosmetic dentist. You also knew that the porcelain veneer is able to resist stain. Although you already achieved very good looking teeth, you still need to properly maintain it.

What is a Porcelain Veneer?

Short-Term Care:

Your teeth could be a little sensitive to temperature following the application of your porcelain veneers. You cannot tolerate eating foods that are cold or hot too much. This sensitivity of your teeth must be vanished after two weeks.

Long-Term Care:

* You may need to follow diet strategy to maintain the appearance of your porcelain veneer. There are a lot of foods that can be eaten with veneers but you need to avoid having it stress and twist by consuming hard foods. You can always use your back teeth if you cannot prevent from having these foods.

* Your porcelain veneers just like your natural teeth needs a continuous flossing. Flossing is done at least once a day and if you can do it, have your floss every after meal so that your veneered teeth are not having food and plaque in between.

* Use a soft toothbrush after you have eaten. If your veneer will be loosened and twisted, it is very prone to tooth decay. Carefully eat the right foods and be sure to remove food particle to avoid having this.

* Normally, you will have your dental checkup every six months so you also have to do this when you will have your veneers by a professional dentist. If you will have your checkup to a different dentist, make sure that you inform her or him that you currently have a veneer application of veneer.

* To keep your veneer, you can use a mouth guard in cases that you are clenching and grinding your teeth while you are sleeping. The veneers are specially made to be used long term however it can be not followed after all if in case these are used in too much pressure.

Dr. Kevin Sands of Beverly Hills cosmetics said that if you properly handle you porcelain veneer with care it can even last for a long period of time. It is a must to follow a very special care for your porcelain veneer so that it can stay intact and not having any damage. The best way to keep these healthy is to brush your teeth daily and have it flossed so that seeing it as new as always is possible.

If you have applied a veneer in your teeth, make sure that you really understand all of these things and that you also know how to handle it carefully and also do not hesitate to ask your dentist about your concerns. Handling your veneer carefully will make you smile attractive in a matter of long time.

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