Complete EKG And Phlebotomy Training In Bronx

You will find complete EKG and phlebotomy training in Bronx schools. Either course of training will prepare you for a position in that field. The EKG technician will find good employment opportunities.

One such training facility offers a 28-hour course. The student takes seven consecutive weeks of four hour sessions. It prepares him or her for an entry level position in the field.

Some health care workers such as paramedics or nurses can add to their skills in this way. When the student passes the course he or she will be more employable. With an earned certificate he or she can take a CET exam to further highlight this additional training.

People from many walks of life take this course. Home caretakers, paramedics, nurses and nurses in training are some examples. You can be accepted into the class with nothing more than a high school diploma or GED.

At the conclusion of your training you are going to be skilled in critical thinking and how to make an accurate clinical assessment. Communication skills will allow you to talk to those from foreign countries and different levels of education. There will be hours of practice sessions that will ready you to take the exam at the end of the course.

The student must be able to ambulate to the different rooms and locations in a hospital or other medical facility. Fine motor skills must be present to calibrate and use the EKG. He or she must also have good eyesight and tactile ability.

Student must attend all seven class sessions and be on time. Active participation is required in both classroom and labs. Cumulative average grade must be at 70 percent or more. There will be a final cognitive and a final practical exam.

The phlebotomy technician has to train on actual professional medical equipment. This is a 50 hour program. At the end the successful candidate will be certified to work as a phlebotomy tech. Blood banks and hospitals need to fill these positions. Some techs go to homes if the patient is housebound.

Future jobs will require you to draw and store blood in a safe way. A skilled phlebotomist can draw blood from a patient with a minimal amount of pain. Specimens are placed in tubes and carefully marked with the patients name and birth date. Only a licensed person can order the blood tests that you complete.

Following the certification that is given after the classes are completed successfully, the student can go on to take a National Certification Exam. This is an optional test, however the student who passes is more appealing to a human resources manager. It is further proof of his or her competence.

Each student completes training in three different ways. He or she refers to a text book, listens carefully to lectures given by the teacher. This instructor is certified through the Red Cross. He also learns from working in a simulated laboratory on real equipment.

There are specific ways of collecting and handling blood that include safety concerns, which will be a part of the curriculum. Taking this course requires both class work and practice in the lab. Both EKG and phlebotomy training in Bronx location will prepare the student to enter the profession with adequate to superior skills.

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