Comparison Of Massage Chairs: Manual Recline Against Power Recline

One of the more important decisions for a massage chair is whether or not you should get a manual recline feature or a power recline. Manual recline works with a piston and requires assistance from the user. On the other hand, a power recline uses motors to move the chair back to the desired position.

Many of us are familiar with the manual recline of a typical recliner. There may be a lever to raise up the leg rest using a series of springs or an air cylinder. A lever may also be used to recline the chair back.

A common feature found in middle to high-end massage chairs is the power recline. Strong motors are used to raise the leg rest up or recline the chair back down. A number of function buttons are usually on the remote control to position the chair exactly as you like.

People who have limited mobility should definitely consider a powered recliner. This makes it very easy to recline the chair back to a comfortable angle. You can also raise your legs or lower them with the push of a button.

Manual recline can work very effectively when the chair is designed properly. Sometimes manufacturers locate the levers in a place where it is harder to access for most people. Make sure that any model that you buy makes it easy to access the lever.

If it’s possible, go and try the chair with a manual recline. Try the manual controls and see if you can reach the lever in different positions. You want to make sure that both levers are accessible in different positions in the chair.

Of course, if you can afford a powered recliner, then this is certainly the way to go. A powered recliner allows you to easily move the chair back up and down or the leg rest up and down. The buttons are normally located on the remote control, so the remote must be positioned close enough to access it from any angle.

There are also hybrid massage chairs. These may have a powered chair back and manual leg rest. A motor is to recline the chair. The lever system is used to raise the leg rest.

Is one system more reliable than the other? In our experience, we have found that both manual and powered recline our fairly reliable. Of course, a motor can have problems just like an air cylinder. However, these are usually a function of overuse or abuse.

The decision to get a manual or powered recline is an important one. You must consider your current state of health and possible states in the future. If you think you may have limited mobility in the future, then it is safer to opt for the powered recliner.

It is important to consider whether you want a powered or manual recline feature. Be sure to research the features of your chair and check where the levers are located for any manual system. In this way, you will be happy for the long-term with your massage chair purchase.

One of the more important features is a Manual Massage Chair or a Powered Massage Chair? Many factors may influence this decision. There are many effective massage chairs that have manual controls. On the other hand, a powered massaging lounger gives you ease of use.

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