Comparison Analysis – Nursing Home And Assisted Living Facility

Many confuse nursing home with the assisted living facility. Yes, they have their part of differences. But, similarities as well. For one both are very in demand just now. A number of elderly people are seeking residences in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. For the reason that they are certain that they will be properly managed in both facility. Let us now evaluate the main differences between these two facilities.

Care Options

This is main differences between the two facilities. Within a nursing home patients are under constant medical supervision. People who opt to be in this type of facility are usually very sick plus in need of regular medical assistance. Residents of nursing homes are often incapable of taking charge of themselves. They are not anymore able to leave the nursing home on their own due to physical and or mental incapability. Normal daily and routinary personal activities such as bathing, eating and the like cannot anymore be carried out by elderly patients in nursing homes.

Although, patients or residents in assisted living facilities also require a certain degree of medical aid. Though they ready to properly manage themselves. They could still perform some personal daily tasks such as bathing, cooking and eating. Their your overall health condition remains manageable with regards to patients or residents in nursing facilities.

Facilities offered

With regards to facilities, nursing homes and assisted living practically provide the same kinds of available services aside from some differences in terms of patient’s or residence’s freedom. Nursing home facilities are your typical average facility with cafeteria, room sharing (depending on the appearance of the residents) nurses and nurses aides, common activity hall and many others that you could already be familiar with. Assisted living however can vary from an entire house morphed into a hostelry type of facility. It may also appears to be a small hotel or apartelle with medical assistance coming in from time to time or as required by the resident. Assisted living facilities can vary from state to state depending on the law requirement of that state.


You could already conclude that with regards to this aspect, residents or patients in assisted living facilities have more freedom to roam around and do their personal things than nursing home patients. This is because the physical and mental health conditions of residents in assisted living facilities are healthier. They also have the freedom to go. Some are even employed outside. They merely opt to live in this facility for convenience and safety.


Same as with the freedom aspect you may also easily understand that there’s definitely more privacy in an assisted living facility than in nursing homes. The rooms in assisted living facilities are more spacious and are more personalized than in nursing homes. The former are actually living very independently when compared with the latter. Assisted living facilities are designed to give comfort, freedom, independence while being monitored health wise. While nursing homes are the exact opposite of what was mentioned about assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are readily accessible nationwide. There are plenty of good facilities to choose from. All you have to do is choose that one that is most suited for you personally. If you’re a relative of somebody who needs to be admitted in a nursing home then make sure you assess and check out the available services of the nursing home of your choosing to ensure your loved one will be properly cared for.

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