Common Questions on Skincare

Skincare is one of the most important and lifelong assignments to women. If you do not equip yourself with the proper knowledge of skincare and put it into actions, you will be regretful when you grow older and older. All women face the same enemy named as aging, but, there are some ways and knowledge that help you fight your enemy! These ways and knowledge are important and yet easy enough to understand and to practice!

When you are at your puberty or under stress, you may face acne outbreak. After curing your acne, you may find some dots and spots leaving on your face. These dots and spots are usually reddish black in color and are known as discolorations. You do not need to worry about such discolorations as they will fade in several months. But, they obviously affect your appearance and therefore, you may apply whitening products to speed up the recovery. As such discolorations are largely caused by melanin produced by skin cells and that most whitening products in the market are effective in fighting melanin, therefore, whitening products do help improve discolorations.

While many people know about the importance of sun care products, not many know about the importance of after sun care products. Very often, they think after sun care products are designed for those having sunburn only. In fact, sun care and after sun care products serve different purposes. Sun care products protect your skin against damages of UV radiations while after sun care products reduce the damages caused by heat.

Though without noticeable scars and pains, heat from the sun turns our skin dry and sensitive. Such dryness and sensitive may last for 1 to 2 months after our outdoor activities. For more serious damages, such heat may cause skin inflammation. After sun care products are specially designed to deal with the damages caused by heat. Therefore, sun care products should be applied after outdoor activities.

Sometimes, you may feel stinging when applying moisturizing cream. Very often, it is not because your moisturizing cream is irritating, but your skin is too dry. When you skin is too dry, there are many unnoticeable cracks. When the moisturizing cream gets in touch with these unnoticeable cracks, you feel stinging. You may not need to change your moisturizing cream but keep using it for a period of time. Then, you may discover such stinging feeling disappears.

Essence is expensive among all the skincare products and therefore it is considered as effective and is only suitable for matured skin. Indeed, as essence is effective for many skin problems, it should be used before you skin is matured and aged. Around your 20, you should start using essence in order to maintain your skin at its best conditions. Essence do improve your skin condition when you start using it when you are 30 or older, but it effect is far behind if you start using it from your 20.

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