Combining Alcohol With Exercise

If you are to the point in your health-discipline program where you are doing some kind of exercise each day, you may have already discovered that your activities affect the quality of your next day’s workout. One of the largest factors in this relationship of workout-efficiency to consumption and habit is the use of alcohol, which is a point made in almost every workout program currently available, including such programs as the Body Gospel Workout.

It’s a fairly simple issue to keep alcoholic drink consumption from being an impediment to your workouts, but as straightforward as it is, it is also very tricky. A tiny bit of education on the topic can serve as a great motivator. You already understand the quantity of effort you have to exert when you do a regular fitness program, but are you privy to the degree to which alcohol can sabotage your hard work?

There’s been a good deal of analysis conducted on the subject, which has clearly demonstrated that using alcohol, even in tiny amounts will, over the long run, affect your workout results by reducing the degree of muscle development and aerobic stamina, causing longer recovery times, affecting your ability to metabolize fat, and lowering your strength levels. That is certainly a big price to pay for the small amount of fun that using alcohol might provide, if it even does that.

One of the key areas where alcohol will compromise your goals is in the impact it has on digestion. When you drink, your body releases more insulin which causes you to metabolize more glycogen. This makes it extremely difficult to lose the subcutaneous fat. The alcohol also messes with the uptake of B vitamins which can ultimately cause anemia and nutrient deficiencies.

These are only examples of the negative impacts that alcohol will have on your efforts to get strong and healthy. If you find yourself in a position where you feel it's a necessity to drink or if the fact is that you’re just going to do it because that’s simply the way you are, keep a few vital pointers at the forefront, which may help you to reduce the damage you do to your body. Don’t drink right before exercise, drink with discretion and care when you do drink, and keep your body’s well-being and your intention to live a long, active, healthful life as a priority at every point. Good luck to you on your health goals.

Joshua Mathiason is a health coach, fitness instructor, and personal trainer. He reviews workout programs to help people searching online find the exercising plans that are the best match for them. He strongly suggests the Body Gospel Reviews for his Christian clients and uses the precepts of the body gospel in his business and his personal workouts.

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