Colon Cancer Prevention and Cleansing

Surgical procedures are the classic strategy to treat colon cancer: doctors must remove the tumor and also the lymph nodes, but idea impossible to recreate the continuity from the intestine within a bowel movement. For this reason is used a synthetic anus. Colostomy purpose should be to perform the anastomosis on the colon on the wall with the abdomen temporarily or permanently: the bowel is diverting colon external and feces are collected within a collecting bag. The colon has three main parts each of them could possibly be the point of a colostomy: the appropriate or ascending colon, transverse colon and left colon or descending, located just over the rectum.

The regime of the person which includes a right colostomy must inevitably be fitted to transit, while applying personal physician recommendation. We have to learn to expand the unbooked time gradually introducing foods to have a balanced diet. Additionally it is important to split the meal intake above the day. It is additionally advisable to cut food into small pieces and chew well. Heavily weighed of your weight loss program is to avoid foods that will block the outlet of the pocket.

Do not afraid of the stoma, since it is not a wound. It’s insensitive, but sometimes may bleed easily. So please not rub it. You are going to realize the bathroom . of your stoma once you change equipment. From a learning period you are going to quickly choose the dexterity to tend your stoma.

A patient having an old healed and paired colostomy are not able to always guarantee himself the wound proper his stoma. Following a hospitalization, a tiredness is there because the pacient is simply too physically or mentally weakened. The cna is permitted to practice this care in institutions or in your house. Do not be afraid to generate the toilet within your colostomy. It is a simple hygiene care. Bathrooms and showers are certainly not a problem, the products are waterproof.

Substances and gases are cleared with the stoma and wearing a collecting bag is required when the emission control isn’t likely. A colostomy apparatus is made up of two parts: a collecting bag plus a protective backing, determined by hydrocolloids, adhering to the epidermis without irritation. Colonic irrigation must be performed only on prescription.

The basic principle with the colonic irrigation should be to empty the full colon for two main or 72 hours. Warm water is enjected throughout the stoma. Cold water may cause colic, water too hot, too. This water returns into the colon to result in a reflex bowel movement, thus completely emptying the colon content. Laboratories provides a kit for cleansing.

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