Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Weight Management

Most traditional weight management and exercise programs fail because people aim for unrealistic exercise goals without follow-through. Therefore more people are searching effective ways to lose weight and get healthy immediately. Recognizing the need to transform the entire person from the inside out, therapists employ Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help people lose excess weight and embark on and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many people do not acknowledge the mind-body connection to weight management. Dieting and exercise are only as effective as the mind will accept. The person wanting in ambition and follow-through will not be as successful as someone who is driven. Therefore Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy works essentially by re-programming and retraining the mind and the physical changes follow. The result is a lasting healthy lifestyle.

Changing the body without the right mindset leads to yo-yo dieting. People succeed for a short period when they alter eating patterns. Unfortunately, old habits take hold and the weight returns because the way of thinking was not revised as well. Studies show that people who undergo therapy or some form of counseling while working on their body thrive with obesity and weight management. When diets, exercise, medications, or even surgery do not suffice to keep people lean and healthy, CBT gives that extra stimulus to have the healthy lifestyle that they need.

A professional relationship with a therapist helps to build a strong mind-body connection to weight management, thus helping to produce better results. The therapist can provide an individual plan. Through CBT, meditation, and self-monitoring, people learn to alter thinking patterns, which shows the way to healthful eating habits and exercise. The objective is universal: creating a healthy lifestyle by both physical and mental renewal, rather than focusing only on the physical.

A health management program has to be holistic. Only when the whole person is addressed and a whole new healthy lifestyle for mind and body is crafted, then weight loss will be effective. Otherwise, it will be short-lived.

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