Coffee Makers For Camping

Camping is a great hobby and a fun pastime for many people. It can be very relaxing to get in touch with nature and spend a few days in the desert or woods enjoying nature. You can spend time fishing, swimming, or even doing nothing. Just because you are in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good cup of coffee though. You can still enjoy a good cup of coffee even if you are away from home.

Some coffee makers are specifically designed for camping. The cup size can vary. It all depends on how much you want to pack in with you and how many people are going that will want coffee. The most common coffee makers for camping are of the manual drip variety as all you do is pour boiling water over your coffee while it sits in a filter. You simply place the filter and filter holder over the pot or cup. Other varieties might need to be set on a portable stove or set on ashes to boil the water. A few of the automatic drip models are now designed to accommodate the needs of campers as well. They are larger than most of the other coffee makers usually preferred by campers, so they are not for the camper who likes to hike long ways to a secluded location. You will need a camp stove to work.

A manual drip coffee maker would be a better choice. Though many types are available, all of them are good to work with the uneven heat of a campfire. The best ones are made out of stainless steel or another fire resistant metal and have everything built in. The typical look is that of two coffee pots set one on top of the other. You put your ground coffee in a filter in the middle of the unit and water in the bottom. You let it heat up until it steams, and then you flip it over and set it somewhere to cool down. By flipping the machine, the water ends up on the top and it can now drip onto the filter.

The filter holder method works well also. You place a filter inside a filter holder and fill it with coffee grains. Place the filter with the coffee over top of a mug or pot, and then add boiling water which you will pour over the filter. This is a great method for someone with limited packing space or for someone who doesn’t need to make a large quantity of coffee.

Your local sporting store or a seasoned camper can give you the best advice on the type of coffee maker you should purchase for your next trip. There are many to choose from. Also, most department stores have a camping isle you can visit to get an even clearer idea.

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